My Haircare Routine using Folicure Hair Products

I wanted to get on the topic of hair. Let me give you some quick background info. My whole life I’ve always had long, thick hair. Recently I was going through photos of the past three years.. and noticed my hair length has not changed. Then, I really started to ponder when this started happening. All throughout high school I had hair down my back and I haven’t had it since. I remember I use to shower, go to bed, wake up and use the flat iron. I never used a blow drier. Then, I got my hair cut around the summer of 2006 after I graduated high school, and for a gift I got a blow dryer with an attachable diffuser. And from that point till now I never let my hair air dry. not once. Because when I started college, I took very early classes. So, to get the most sleep possible, I would shower at night, blow dry my hair on high heat and then flat iron it on high heat. Do nothing in the morning and go to school. I know it had nothing to do with a vitamin deficiency or from dying my hair (because I didn’t dye it for one whole year and it still didn’t grow). I knew it wasn’t my flat iron because I had been flat ironing my hair since I was 13 and my hair would grow very, very long. That’s when I realized it must be the blow dryer. So I decided to put an end to it. And also putting and end to curling my hair with a curling iron. I noticed with the curling iron, it was causing a lot of my ends to break off.. and that really wasn’t helping my situation out.

SO, this is what I’ve been doing. I went to Sally’s and purchased Folicure Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. It states on the packaging “Cleans and moisturizes dry, damaged hair, Imparts luster to damaged hair and Promotes fuller, thicker hair. Folicure Shampoo was was created to to clean gently without stripping away natural nutrients found on a healthy scalp. Daily use will help keep hair fuller and thicker. Moisturizing Conditioner is the first everyday use, rinse-out Folicure conditioner. It leaves fine, delicate hair smooth, shiny and full while stimulating the scalp with a refreshing tingle.”

I also purchased the Folicure Vitamin Supplement for Healthy Hair. This states “Nourishes hair from within, Promotes healthy, full, lustrous hair. Strong, healthy, lustrous hair requires the proper amount of nutrients on a daily basis. Due to busy lifestyles and the resulting poor diet, men and women today often lack proper nutrition for healthy-looking hair. Folicure Dietary Supplement ensures that you take in the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your hair to look its best.”

AND, last but not least, these amazing rollers. Caruso Professional ProSet Steam Hairsetter. These rollers are so much better than using a curling iron. It isn’t like putting direct heat on your hair and hair spraying your hair and listen to your hair sizzle and burn. You fill this little steam pot with water, put the lid on, plug it in and wait for it to start steaming, then you put a roller on top of the pot where the steam is coming out, let it sit there for 5-10 seconds and put the roller in your hair. Whats in the sponge roller is the warm steam and moisture that is locking in the curl in a non damaging way. You let them sit in your hair for a minimum of 10-15 mins and you have great waves or curls 🙂

I started washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner not using hot water, but lukewarm and then rinsing the conditioner out with cool/cold water. Then, I could brush it with a natural bristled brush/boar bristled brush. I use that instead of a plastic brush, which isn’t easy on my hair and causes breakage. The natural bristle brush minimizes breakage and they also redistribute oils throughout hair, boosting shine. Then, I distribute a leave in conditioner in my hair and let my hair air dry. I may go to sleep with damp hair and wake up and distribute a heat protector on my hair, concentrating on the ends, and flat iron straighten my hair. Then of course, I take my supplements twice daily. (Sometimes I forget, I have to really get in the habit of not forgetting!) And I also try not to wear my clip in extensions as much.. as they do put some strain on your roots. AND, I let my hair go natural some days (curly) with very minimal products.. which I would never do before.

What have I noticed? I’m noticing that my hair is always soft and shiny, and that my split ends aren’t 1/4 as visible as they were before. My hair is actually growing.. I’m not sure how much it has grown.. but at least a couple to a few inches. I can’t tell exactly because I didn’t take any before pictures.. and my hair actually was so damaged that I would never go without wearing extensions. I’m really convinced that I will get my long hair back.. I’m hoping I will get it below my chest by Christmas. I will keep you posted!

I found this web page really helpful! They have some good hair tips! Check it out.

What are some of your hair routines to get your hair looking its best? What are your favorite products??

(By the way! By no means am I saying to go out and buy everything I use, I just wanted to share what I use and whats seems to be working for me.. there are so many similar products and brands that probably are better (I just haven’t discovered yet :)) or work differently depending on the person.)

This was my long hair in high school… 🙂

3 thoughts on “My Haircare Routine using Folicure Hair Products

  1. Another thing you might want to try..which is what my mother suggested to me is buying a shower filter to filter out drying mineral deposits…she said you can get them at Home Depot and they aren't too expensive! Also I'm thinking about doing weekly hot oil treatments with coconut oil, supposedly it's the only oil that actually penetrates the hair shaft.


  2. Hi Natalie! I'm the author of the “Ultimate Guide to Growing Long Hair” article you linked to. Thank you for the kudos! I must say it sure sounds like you are doing just about everything right in your quest to recover your long locks, but I do have one suggestion, and it's an important one… brushing your hair when it's wet can be extremely damaging because wet hair has no elasticity and breaks very easily. If you use a wide-toothed comb instead, you will eliminate any risk. Otherwise you sound right on track!

    You say you love pretty things… did you look at my art glass hair jewelry while you were at the LongLocks Boutique? I think they are pretty damn pretty, if I do say myself, LOL!

    Best of luck with your hair growing adventure!


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