Haul: Forever 21 & My Sexy New Shoes!

Alexander Wang “Alexis”

I picked up these booties from Forever 21 for $34.80 last night. They are the exact dupe of Alexander Wang’s “Alexis” boots. When I saw them, I told my friend I was with.. I HAVE TO HAVE THESE!! And she just couldn’t stop laughing because she thought they were ridiculous.. but I knew I could rock them!! I’m really happy I did decide to buy them. They’re really comfortable too! I looked on the forever21 website, and it looks like they sold out of them.


Here’s mine..
I can’t wait to wear them out! 🙂


If I can only find a dupe for the YSL Cage Booties..

Gah!! I want them so bad!

Forever 21 had cute caged sandals on the website, I waited a few days and went online to purchase them and they were sold out! And I wasn’t able to find them in store. SO SAD!! 😦

These are the ones from forever 21.. different, but similar concept.

and I got some other stuff.. this purplish blue ruffle top from forever 21 for only $5! A navy hooded short sleeve sweater, and two other sweaters.. gray and navy (not pictured) that are short sleeved on clearance for $6 each, a green halter from Kohl’s for $8 and some skinny jeans from Express.

AND, omg I loved this motorcycle faux leather jacket.. it was soo sexy! But, the faux material smelled like FISH. Do you know what eyelash adhesive smells like? Smelled identical to that. I was so sad. I’ve had a faux handbag that smelled like that too and the smell didn’t go away so I knew I couldn’t get the jacket 😦 What a bummer!

You can see this jacket here

11 thoughts on “Haul: Forever 21 & My Sexy New Shoes!

  1. i love your new booties!! and the motorcycle jacket! i thought about buying it when i saw it in store but didnt try it on grr. BTW, i believe they have the YSL heel dupe at aldo/bakers, i remember seeing them there. Keep on rocking natty! ❤ you girl


  2. i love your style and what you bring to fashion blogging…dig the shoes



  3. Christina – I went to 2 forever 21's previous and didn't see them, until I went to one like an hour away. They had tons of shoes.. I was shocked. They're usually picked over at the one by me.

    Aleksis – Yeah, the ysl ones, the thing I don't like about them the more I look at them is that I think they go too high up the ankle/calf. I don't know, I want any type of caged booties. lol

    C. – Thank you C! I always love your feeback! I just looked at the Aldo website, and whoaaaa… they have a lot of cute shoes. I quickly exited or else I might go broke. hahaha

    All the rest, thank you so much!!! 🙂


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