New Highlights w/ Beyond the Zone Radical Bleach Kit!

Okay, lots of stuff to talk about today. I’m going to do two separate posts. First off, I highlighted my hair last night.. my roots were REALLY due for a touch up. I used different things than usual this time around and it was much easier and turned out better.

This is the process.. Supplies used (all purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply): Beyond the Zone bleach kit, Clairol Professional Creme Toner in #311 Towhead and 20 volume developer.

The bleach kit comes with a mixing tub, 40 volume developer, plastic gloves, plastic highlighting cap and powder bleach. So you don’t need to buy anything extra. (Save the tub and mixing tool for later when your going to tone) All I did was put the highlighting cap on my head and pull out small strands out of just about every other hole. (I hate this process! lol) Then, I mixed the powder bleach from the kit, with the 40 volume developer and applied it to all of my hair right away. Depending on your hair color this could take a half hour to 90 minutes. After 30 mins, this is what it looked like..

It works really fast! There were strands of my hair that were already very blonde. But most of it as you can see is yellow, and my ends are brassy strawberry blonde. So, I let it sit in my hair for around 45 minutes, and shampooed my hair and towel dried it. Then, I took the toner and mixed it with 2 oz. of 20 volume developer and applied it to all of my hair concentrating on the areas that were the most brassy. I let this sit for around 10-15 mins. The ends of my hair were pretty orange, but the blue violet toner completely got rid of that 🙂 Then, I shampooed and conditioned. That’s all!

3 thoughts on “New Highlights w/ Beyond the Zone Radical Bleach Kit!

  1. Gorgeous! I'm actually going to try to highlight my own hair. The problem is that I'm Cherokee/Blackfoot Indian, so my hair is black. I'm going to do an all-over lighter brown color, then do highlights. Wish me luck!! I haven't had my hair highlighted in years, and if I remember correctly, it took 3 hours at the salon! Ugh!


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