TUTORIAL: How I apply my everyday makeup.

There was a couple requests for this. My skin at the moment is HORRIBLE and I’m breaking out like crazy.. that’s why I really didn’t want to do a step by step showing close ups of my skin. But anyway, here goes. This is the stuff I mainly use for an every day look.

#1 Estee Lauder Daywear Plus Moisturizer 

#2 MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25 
#3 MAC 194se concealer brush 
#4 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny 
#5 MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush 
#6 MAC 316se lip brush (i use it for my brows) 
#7 Urban Decay Twice Baked e/s 
#8 Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder mixed with a bit of MUFE powder for color 
#9 MAC 168 Angled brush 
#10 MAC 129se Blush brush 
#11 MAC Refined Golden bronzer (crushed) 
#12 Christian Dior Sunrise Party Blush 
#13 Loreal Extra Intense Liquid eye liner pencil 
#14 YSL Faux Cils Mascara 
#15 Ardell Fashion lashes 104 
#16 DUO black eyelash adhesive 
#17 MUFE aqua lip pencil in 4C 
#18 MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen glass 
#19 MAC Hue Lipstick.

STEP 1: I moisturize my face, concentrating on dry areas of my face.

STEP 2: I take my concealer brush and concealer and apply it under my eyes, under my brows, in the corners of my nose and on any blemishes that need concealing.

STEP 3: I take my MAC Duo Fibre brush and dip the white tips of the brush in my foundation. Then, in a stippling motion, I apply it to my whole face. Then, I lightly brush my face so it is all blended. (I have a lot of product on the brush.. it was enough for my whole face)

STEP 4: I fill in my brows with my mac lip brush and my urban decay eye shadow.

STEP 5: I take my MAC angled contour brush and dip it in the Ben Nye powder and blend it under my eyes so it won’t cake. You may also apply it to your cheeks or whole face, but I didn’t. I wanted a little bit of a dewy look even though this is a matte foundation.

STEP 6: Apply bronzer lightly all over my face with my MAC blush brush. Mainly applying it to the bridge of my nose, cheekbones and near the hairline of my forehead.

STEP 7: I lightly apply blush to the same brush and apply it to my cheekbones. I smile when I apply it so my cheeks pop..

STEP 8: I take my black pencil liner and line the outer corners of my eyes, a half way line under my eyes and on my lid. I only do it halfway so its not too dramatic for a daytime look. Then I take a smudge brush (or smudge applicator) and smudge the lines so they aren’t harsh.

STEP 9: I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes. (love this mascara!)

STEP 10: Apply my faux lashes with a small amount of adhesive. Then use a little more eyeliner to blend the strip on your eye lid. Use the smudge brush again. (pic #2 is unblended, pic #3 is blended) 

STEP 11: I apply my lip liner and then use my fingertip to blend it into my lips. I then apply Hue lipstick and partial to pink lip gloss.

done! kisssssssesssssssss!!!!

13 thoughts on “TUTORIAL: How I apply my everyday makeup.

  1. I enjoyed reading this! We do our makeup pretty similar..I didn't know they had St. Moriz in America! I've really been wanting to try that mousse out since the St. Tropez is kinda pricey. Thanks for the tutorial!



  2. Aleksis – I've never heard of it or seen it anywhere. TJMaxx and Marshalls get a lot of random beauty items from other countries. I get these good lotions from Isreal.. And the other tanner is from the netherlands. I really like St. Mortiz! I'm going to go back and buy another bottle.

    Lori – I don't really wear eyeshadow unless I'm going out. For my every day I just do the liner like I posted.. Sometimes I do differnt colors with shadow instead of the pencil liner. Like blue, purple or green. If I want some sparkle on my lids, I like Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy and Midnight cowboy rides again eye shadows.

    Thank you Jo, Violet, Victoria and Mrs W!!! 🙂


  3. this was very informative, i liked reading it a lot!! and i love the look of your eyeliner i can NEVER get mine to look like that.. or if i do itll end up smudging all over! and aaaaah ive been wanting st moriz for a while, i didnt know it was in the US either, im totally going to marshalls tomorrow to try and find it 🙂


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