Tutorial: Smokey eyes with a hint of pink!

FACE: Studio Fix Fluid NC40

Ben Nye Concealer
Ben Nye Translucent Set Powder
Smashbox Soft Lights Blush in “Blushing Pink”
MAC “Dame” Blush
MAC “Honour” blush for highlight.

EYES: HIP Paint in “Secretive” for a base

NYX “Black” eyeshadow
NYX Triple shadow palette in #36
MAC “Pink Venus” eyeshadow
MAC “Your Ladyship” pigment
L’Oreal extra intense liquid liner pencil in black
L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara
Ardell #45 faux lashes

LIPS: MUFE lip liner in 4C

Revlon lipgloss in Pink Diamond.

First, I applied moisturizer to my face, applied concealer with my concealer brush and my foundation with my MAC 187 brush. Then, I set my foundation with powder. I use my blush brush for this, and sweep it all over my face. (I didn’t take pictures of these steps because I didn’t start my tutorial with a bare face.) Now on to the eyes..

STEP 1: I take my L’Oreal HIP Paint and apply it all over my lid with the brush it came with, and then blend it with my finger tip.

STEP 2: I apply a thick layer of powder under my eyes without blending it. I do this when I apply black eyeshadow because it will have a tendency to fall on my cheek or under my eyes and it will be impossible to wipe off. The powder will catch the fall out and will easily wipe off later.

STEP 3: I coat my small crease brush with black eyeshadow, using a generous amount. I apply it in the crease of my eyelid and extend it out a little bit farther than where my eye ends. Then i continue sweeping it through my crease to create a smooth line all the way to about the inner corner of my lid. (pic 4)

STEP 4: I take a little more black eyeshadow and bring my crease up a bit by sweeping my brush a long the top of where my eyeshadow ends.

STEP 5: I put more black eyeshadow on my brush and where the end of my crease is, I bring it down.

This is what my eye looks like so far…

STEP 6: I take another small crease brush and blend MAC “Pink Venus” eyeshadow into the black eye shadow. I rub the brush back and forth making sure to blend the two colors. Then, I blend my highlight (MAC “Your Ladyship” pigment) into the pink.

Step 7: Fill in the lid with gray eyeshadow. I used the middle color in the NYX palette. At this point, you can go over your black again if you want it darker.

STEP 8: Line under your eyes with black eye liner and then take black eyeshadow and smudge it all the way across your lower lash line.

STEP 9: I lined my waterline with my eye pencil.

STEP 10: I took my contour brush and wiped off the powder from under my eyes. Then applied mascara, applied my false eyelashes and one more coat of mascara.

Thats it!

12 thoughts on “Tutorial: Smokey eyes with a hint of pink!

  1. Gosh girly you are insanely gorgeous!! You have the best facial features and such glowy, tanned skin!! im super jealous. you should work for mac, you're realllly good at makeup!


  2. thank you everyone!

    courtney – gahh I would love to work for MAC. I think I may go apply. And yes! I'll take pics of my makeup collection. I just need to organize it a littl bit. lol


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