Haul: M.A.C (Dainty, Love Connection, Rave, Underage)

I was extremely excited to check out the Color Craft Collection at the MAC counter. I know I’m super late and this collection has been out for weeks now.. but I haven’t gotten the chance to check out a counter. I was almost positive I was going to purchase Porcelain Pink MSF and Cheeky Bronze MSF, but in person they didn’t look at all like what I thought.

Porcelain pink looked really like a white frost with a hint of very light pink. When I applied it, It really didn’t do anything for me. Cheeky Bronze didn’t do anything for me either. It just looked like light bronze shimmer..

SO, with that said.. I didn’t get anything from the collection.

Instead, I bought a Mineralize Blush called “Dainty” it’s a very pretty pink with shimmer.. and it has build able color.. I was looking at this blush the last maybe.. 3 times I went to MAC.. so it was either Pink Swoon blush or Dainty. I chose Dainty.

And, I got a Mineralize eyeshadow called Love Connection. It’s a very shimmery golden taupe. I haven’t tried it out yet.. but when I swatched it on my wrist at the counter it looked GORGEOUS. So, I hope it just wasn’t the lighting. lol

And, I got Underage lipglass.. I’m not sure why I bought it since I think MAC lip glasses go so quickly.. and I believe in drugstore lip glosses over $15-$30 lip glosses.. but it was an impulse buy. I usually buy Florabundance.. but I felt like trying something different.. even though its so similar. I think Florabundance just has a little but more of a peach tone.. Underage is a very milky light beige pink.

And, last but not least, Rave Pearlglide liner. This liner is SO pretty. I purchased it because I saw two different gals post FOTD’s using this.. and it looked so amazing. I can’t find them.. I thought I saw it on Specktra.. but I went through a million threads and didn’t see it. Purple is my absolute favorite color to wear on my eyes. Purple complements my eyes like no other color. I have hazel eyes with a hint of green. And when I have purple on my eyes.. it really makes the green in my eyes stand out.. and that’s exactly what I want. What colors do you find best compliment your eyes?

I wanted to buy Black Russian too.. its black with shimmer.. it was gorgeous as well.. but I’m on a budget and I wasn’t about to go crazy.. lol

Did you get anything from the Colorcraft Collection?

11 thoughts on “Haul: M.A.C (Dainty, Love Connection, Rave, Underage)

  1. I only bought Black Russian and I love it. I wanted to pick up Molasses and Rave and maybe one or two eyeshadows as well, but decided not to.

    By the way, do you use the same camera you listed in your FAQs to take pictures of your products as well as your portraits?



  2. Dainty and underage are two of my fav. MAC products….dainty is the perfect apricot color and it's perfectly pigmented…I have both florabundance and underage and I like underage 10x's better! Mainly because you can wear it alone and it still shows. The only thing I got from colour craft is the 'hand-finish' blush which is a lot like dainty, but more shimmer and a tinge more pink. Nice call on not getting 'pink swoon' I used it twice and I hate it…of course I can't find the receipt either….:(


  3. Ive been wanting Dainty for a while!! I have Underage and love it 🙂 It's one of the only MAC lipglasses I like, and my next purchase was going to be Florabundance so I'd love to hear which you end up liking more! 🙂


  4. Cheryl – Yep. I used the same camera. To get the best quality pictures of products.. I always put it on the TV setting and the macro setting.

    Aleksis – I'm glad to hear you like Underage better! I used it today and I'm really liking it! I've been wanting pink swoon for the longest time, but when I swatched it, it was like pink chalk.. I wasn't sure how that was going to look on me. I want to try Coygirl too, but they didn't have it.

    Courtney – I'll def keep you posted which I like better 🙂

    I'm so happy everyone likes Dainty.. I still haven't tried it, I'm very excited to! Lately, I really have been opting more towards pink blushes.. when I typically, I would be all up in the peach blushes. This looks like the perfect color for me 🙂


  5. i felt the same way about color craft.i went to see it after it had been out a few weeks and everything i wanted to get looked different. especially the msf's they werent what i expected and omg were they shimmery like double shimmery. but i did get their fad-dabulous blush fromt he collection which is my new love but i find with all their mineralize collections they dont turn out to be what i thought they were in the end 🙂


  6. love the dainty blusher! i got a a lot from the c.c because I dont have much mineralized in my collection… I love the style demon blush is really pigmented and a fabulous blush!x


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