FOTD with my new stuff & St. Moriz Self Tanning!

I’ve been using my MAC Dainty Blush and Love Connection Mineralize eyeshadow, and I’m really liking them! I thought Dainty would be more of a baby pink.. but its like a peachy pink. No complaints though 🙂 And love connection is very pretty. If you use the whitish colored side.. its like a shimmery taupe.. and if you combine them, you’re left with a very shimmery bronze. This would even be pretty on your cheeks! You need a base though because when i swatched this on my hand, i took my other hand and wiped it off.. and it all came off in one wipe. To me, its like a compacted shimmery pigment. I didn’t use a base though and it was fine. Next time I’ll use one.

Here it is swatched on my hand:

And here goes my face of the day..

eyes closed..

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny
Palladio Wet/Dry Foundation Powder in Cypress Beige
MAC Golden Bronzer (I really am liking this.. at 1st I hated it)
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty

MAC Espresso eyeshadow (in my crease)
MAC Typograhic eyeshadow (to darken crease and to darken line under my eyes)
MAC Folie eyeshadow (smudged under my eyes)
MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Love Connection (filled my lid)
MAC Pigment in Your Ladyship (as a highlight and inner corners)
Rimmel Brown Eye Kohl (lined very softly my eye lid)
L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Liner Pencil in Black on my waterline
L’Oreal Collagen Mascara

MAC Lip Liner Pencil in Spice
Smashbox Lip Gloss in Aura

 Self Tanner Update: I really, really love St. Moriz self tanner. If you are able to get your hands on a bottle, you should definitely try it.. and it’s so cheap! I’ve been using it since I bought it, and you can really control your level of darkness. One thing I really like about it, is when I shower and scrub it off.. I don’t have to scrub so hard and get my skin all red like I do when removing SUN labs self tanner. This comes off pretty easily. I guess that could be a good or bad thing. Bad because if you shower in the morning, bye bye most of your tan. I shower at night, so I don’t wash the color guard off in the morning.. and its not streaky at all. When I applied it, it looked very streaky.. but within a minute.. it all settled in my skin and seemed to blend together itself! One thing I also like about this is, I can apply it to my face during the day and run errands and not look like a mud monster. It gives me a pretty bronzed color. I’ve ran errands with SUN on my face and it has much more of a green hue.. and I looked a little crazy. So yes, thumbs up for this!

here I am after I just applied the self tanner to my face, neck and chest with a fluffy powder brush. I have no tan on my skin prior. I didn’t apply anything to my arm to show the difference. My tan of course looked better in the morning.. but i wanted to just show you a quick visual of what it looks like after applied. 🙂 I don’t have a picture from the morning.. gahh i couldn’t find my battery charger.

14 thoughts on “FOTD with my new stuff & St. Moriz Self Tanning!

  1. you write seriously the BEST blog posts- i LOVE them! theyre so informative. you look gorgeousssss in your fotd and ughhh i cant find st moriz anywhere im so bummed! 😦


  2. Natalie….. I've just found ur blog…and i absolutely love it !
    i cant believe u r half Jprdanian..!!!!!!!

    im Jordanian too 😀 YaY 😛


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