Project Clear Skin: The Aspirin Mask.

The Aspirin Mask

If you’re a member of Makeupalley or any other beauty community site you’ve probably heard about the highly reviewed/talked about Aspirin Mask. I’ve always been curious to try it, so on my recent trip to Dollar Tree I purchased a bottle of uncoated Aspirin Tablets. 175 tablets for $1! Nice! I wasted no time when I got back home to try it out. (You can find uncoated Aspirin at any drugstore for under $5 a bottle)

I placed (3) tablets in the palm of my hand and applied a few drops of water onto the tablets and let them sit for about a minute. They should be fully dissolved into a pasty like texture. Then, I dabbed the mixture on the trouble areas of my face. Mainly where I had new pimples forming. I let it sit for 10 minutes on my face and rinsed it off. Then, I applied a little witch hazel to my face with a cotton ball as a toner. (I always use witch hazel after a cleanser)

The following morning, my face was almost completely clear!!!!! Today I was in the facial mood again, so I did my Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask and the Aspirin Mask again. My face is feeling oh so good! 🙂

Update: My method now for applying the Aspirin Mask is slightly different. I still use (3) tablets with a few drops of water, but I also add about a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture. Then, instead of dabbing it onto my face like I did previously, I’ll rub it on my face like I would with an exfoliation scrub. Then, I let it sit on my face for about ten minutes. Then, I’ll wet my hands and wipe the mask off my face in circular motions to do some last second exfoliation. Then, I’ll completely rinse my face. It feels so fresh and incredibly soft from the Olive Oil. Then like before, I apply Witch Hazel to my face with a cotton ball. The following morning my skin looks so radiant and almost blemish free!


  • Since the Aspirin breaks up into a baking soda-like powder, its not going to stick that well to your face. The water will dry, and the Aspirin will turn back into its powder form and may flake or fall off of your face. So I just laid down for the 10 minutes. You can add anything you want to it to make it adhere better. I’ve read ton of reviews. Some people have used honey, Aloe Vera gel, oils (such as lavender, almond, coconut, olive, jojoba, etc), yogurt, lemon juice, etc. You can get creative!
  • Don’t add too much water or it may be difficult to apply

There are also tons of household items that can help clear up break outs. Some include:
Baking soda mixed with a bit of water.. and use it as an exfoliation scrub to remove dead skin cells that can clog pores, Lemon or Lime Juice has citric acid which will help fade old acne spots, Oatmeal will absorb the oils from your face and help unclog your pores, Aloe Vera will heal acne spots and fade marks & Toothpaste helps dry up your pimples. There are so many different remedies. I haven’t tried any of these things yet.. But I definitely will. The Aspirin has me sold!

Here’s a couple of pictures. I’m so embarrassed to post the before pic. My complexion has always pretty much been naturally clear.. but the past month my face has been breaking out like crazy. The pictures are super close and personal.. lol I snapped a picture of my worse cheek.

Have you tried the Aspirin Mask? Do you use it alone or do you mix things with it?

24 thoughts on “Project Clear Skin: The Aspirin Mask.

  1. Wow that is amazing! I really HAVE to try this now – I have the same problem, my skin is normally pretty clear but it's just been spazzing out lately and I can't figure out what's doing it, I haven't changed any products *sigh*
    Thanks so much, I'd only ever read about this or seen the YouTube video by Michelle Phan which didn't really have much to claim because her skin is like porcelain anyway haha. But thanks so much! xo


  2. wow, that's amazing! Also, kudos to you for posting pics of your skin without makeup – you're a braver woman than me.ha ha. I'll have to remember this Aspirin trick next time I have trouble with my skin. Great post!thanks xxx


  3. I use asprin mask too, but I let it sit 30mins and even more before rinsing it off. And it work so amazing, better than any expensive mask I have ever used.
    Ur skin heal better and sooner than mine. I use asprin mask 2 a week and whenever I broke out badly ( in fact my face always break out). It helps reduce redness in the acne but dont get rid of it like yours.
    anyway, I totally satisfy with this mask.


  4. i do this now thanks to my sister! she was walking around with asprin on her face one day and im like your crazy! i tried it one day and its a miracle worker!


  5. Omg! I am sooo going to try this! Your results are amazing (Ha! I sound like a ProActiv commercial LOL). Btw, I stumbled upon your blog during a random Google search & it's my new favorite! 🙂 Can't wait to see new updates.


  6. Biosilk brings back SO many memories…when I was like 10 or 11 my older cousin used to use it on her hair and skin and so did her dad lol I remember her smelling SO good! It's unbelieveable what the aspring mask did for you, my bf loves it to and now he tells every1 about it lol


  7. Hi, I wanted to leave you a coment to say that you have the coolest blog ! Great pictures and you write really interesting posts. Thanks so much for sharing it and best wishes – have a great week…


  8. I tried it and my skin looks so much better! I live in the Middle East and my skin has been acting out a bit because of the heat lol. Thanks for sharing!

    And great blog btw, so addictive! One of the best blogs I have visited!


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