POLL: Dye my hair DARK, or stay the SAME?

Do you ever look in the mirror and get sick of the way you look? LOL When this happens to me, I always end up buying a box of hair dye. My hair color is always a complete impulse thing. All day I’ve been thinking about dying my hair back to my normal hair color. I first gave myself a full head of blonde highlights back in April. When I dyed my hair, it was shorter, I was using a blow dryer, no treatments, curling irons, heavy hair extensions, etc. My hair was HORRIBLE and the ends were all broken. Since then, I’ve taken good care of my hair and its around 4 inches longer and I have minimal split ends and its thicker and a lot healthier. I think my hair will look a lot better now. My natural hair color is a very dark brown.. I usually dye it black brown so it will fade to my natural color. If I dye it dark brown, then it will end up fading to a medium brown. I was also thinking of possibly putting some blonde strands underneath my hair.. very few. but just so I have a pop of color. I feel like with the more blonde I put in my hair, a lot of colors in clothing don’t look good on me anymore, and it’s extremely hard getting dressed in the morning. Also, it’s hard to pull off colored eyeshadows. I love wearing warm colors, but with my hair color now, brights look better. With my dark colored hair, everything matches.. and dramatic eye makeup looks good on me. And, I’m getting my drivers license renewed in a few days.. lol so I want to figure out so I can have a nice picture. haha So, if you’re reading this post, please post a comment! 


 I don’t know why I can’t find any pictures of me with my dark hair. Here’s one at least from a couple years ago. This is with BLACK hair though.. I wouldn’t go that dark.

and you all know my hair now..

43 thoughts on “POLL: Dye my hair DARK, or stay the SAME?

  1. I believe both look great on you. Change is great and I love your now but who doesn't like black hair especially when wearing bold red lips, so definitely since fall is coming, I think you should dark for fall! You look beautiful no matter what you choose.


  2. I do exactly the same! Ive been black, blonde, brown, RED… Hmm, I think you suit them both! But if you're worrying about the health of your hair stay close to your natural colour as possible! xx


  3. You look beautiful with either colour – very Kim K dark and J-Lo with your hair lighter. I always like to go darker in the winter… do you definitely want to go black? What about a rich chocolate brown … it'd be stunning with your skin tone.

    Sorry to throw another layer of confusion into the mix!



  4. Well I'm partial to black/dark hair (look at me!) haha. I've had really light brown hair with tons of blonde highlights (almost blonde!) and I find dark hair…
    1. Brings out your EYES!
    2. You can wear ANYTHING and your clothing just POPS
    3. Makeup looks amazing regardless of colour
    4. Its more sophisticated
    5. Your hair has way more shine (because its dark) and just looks a lot healthier
    6. Its better for your hair if you aren't bleaching it as much.

    Either way you look gorgeous, but I say change it up! Hope this helps 🙂


  5. go dark! i wish i could have dark hair but i think i'd look super pale. it looks lovely on you cus of your eyes! i would love dark hair but light blonde is just so me hahah.


  6. I like the black more too! It's also so much easier to keep your hair healthy with your natural hair color, when you don't have to pour harsh chemicals on it all the time.

    The lighter hair looks great on you too though 🙂


  7. I actually vote neither! I think the black is a little too harsh, and although I absolutely love your hair now (suits your complexion so well)I think I agree with Emma who said a dark choc. brown..like Cheryl Cole! Hope that helps somewhat! lol



  8. Dark hair! Maybe not black, but dark brown. It looks so exotic. The brown/highlights look great on you, but it's fun to change it up once in a while. After all, it's not permanent. You'll probably change it again in a couple months 🙂


  9. I would keep the light hair. I personally like the contrast of light hair+dark eyes or the other way round! I´m naturally a dark blonde with blue-grey eyes. I was highlighting my hair to a light to medium blonde for years and just recently dyed it a chocolate brown. The result: my blue eyes stand out so much more, and I think I look more interesting than your average blue eyed blonde now.


  10. In my opinion, it would be cool that you go for dark hair for a while, just for a change, and a sudden change of style will be totally noticeable to everyone. When I first went through a transition from dark hair to blonde by the Santa Monica hair salons, it was totally awesome to see a change in myself after many years, but after a few months, I reverted back to my dark hair, with an intent of wearing another style to look different than before.


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