MAC Parfait Amour and Violet Trance Eyeshadows

A few people have been asking to see my MAC haul.. I really didn’t buy much.. I only bought a few things. I bought two purple eye shadows called “Parfait Amour” and “Violet Trance”. “Violet Trance” is from the latest “Maira Kalman” collection. I was debating whether to get the eye shadow or “Push the Edge” purple pigment. I ended up getting the shadow. “Parfait Amour” is a shadow I’ve been wanting for a long time. I want Beautiful Iris as well.. but I’ll wait till my next MAC visit.

I also purchased a retractable brow liner crayon in the shade “Spiked”. This was always my HG pencil until I started using eye shadow to color in my brows. I LOVE this pencil.. it goes on not too harsh and it makes coloring in my brows so easy. But I stopped repurchasing it because there isn’t a lot of product. I would run out of this thing in like 3 weeks… and at $15 a pop, I had to find something else. My MAC “Espresso” eye shadow has lasted well over a year and I’ve been using it every day. I’ve hit the pan, but I still have plenty left for a long time.. and at $14.50 it’s a better investment for me. I love the pencil though and It’s so much easier so I cracked and bought one.

Early last week I got MAC Plum Trance Metal X cream shadow off of Specktra. I paid $10 for it.. and the thing was DRY and incredibly crumbly. I was so excited to receive it and I was incredibly upset about it. I can’t use it… if I try, I get crumbles all over the place and then I’ve got purple all over my clothes, hands and floor. I tried reviving it with water and Visine and neither worked. 😦 I’m just going to use it for a back to mac. What a waste of money.

Violet Trance was so hard to take a picture of, no matter what setting I put my camera on, it captured it blue. In person, it looks a lot more purple.

I’m liking Parfait Amour a lot, but I am disappointed with Violet Trance. It is not pigmented at all. The consistency is very chalky. It’s not soft at all. If you have “Carbon”.. the consistency is almost the same.. but the pigmentation of it is not even half as good. I had to pack it on with a base and put layer after layer and the color payoff just did not get any darker. I LOVE the color, its my ideal shade of purple.. but I’m still on the lookout. Does anyone have any suggestions for that BOLD, Pigmented, Grape purple??

I also threw in a MAC Top Hat swatch.. which I use for liner a lot when I want a splash of color. When I do a look with purple, I always use Urban Decay “Flash” eyeshadow which is one of my all time favorites.

11 thoughts on “MAC Parfait Amour and Violet Trance Eyeshadows

  1. they all look so pretty. Sorry about your cream shadow. I have those and they havent dried out. But I scraped them out of their container and put them in a sample jar. you have to kinda play with it back and forth to get it back together. they are weird. I wont buy them again. I like violet trance in the crease. but its hard to use i do agree. good luck with finding your true purple! What about mufe 92? Its very similar to violet trance but better!!


  2. MUFE n 92 must be a great purple colour,i want to buy it ASAP!!Vibrant Grape is also one i really love from Mac!!I am a new follower,i love your blog btw!!I am not a fan of cream eyeshadows because of this reason…


  3. im glad im not the only one that thought the mac eyeshadows were not as pigmented. i was so excited for these eyeshadows and then when i swatched them the day they were released i was so disappointed!


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