Small F21 Haul & my new B Makowsky bag!

I had a few requests regarding my purchase from forever 21. I really didn’t get much.. just a few things. I really am not at the right weight to be buying clothes. Any clothes I buy now is going to end up being my fat clothes in a couple months so It’s a waste of money. I’ve had lots of requests for taking pictures of the outfits I wear, but this whole summer I wore sweats.. I won’t be posting any outfits until I can actually fit into them. I think my forever 21 gets picked over quick. I didn’t find anything on my shopping list. I just found the ring.. but they only had one left and the size was too big. >:[ My best friend told me they just opened a F21 in the mall by her house so I’m going to check that out. Anyway, here’s what I got..

I got the bib necklace in gold.. The silver one is only available through the website.. and I got a pair of earrings.. that weren’t on the site. I LOVE the aviators.. I’m so sad though.. the day after I got them I left them at someones house.. and I haven’t gotten them back.. it’s been stressing me out b/c i love them and want to wear them. lol

I wore the faux leather jacket thingy today.. I paired it with a long sleeve white shirt, black leggings and black ankle booties.

Here are the earrings I got.. they’re gold and light pink.

(I didn’t pair them with the hoodie.. lol I just put them on for the pic)

I normally don’t buy dangly earrings. Actually, I NEVER buy them. I haven’t worn chandelier type earrings since I was a senior in high school. I guess I got over that trend.. and I really only wear studs. But I thought these were so pretty.. and I wore them the other day and loved them. I may start up with dangly earrings again.

And, onto my handbag. Like I really need another purse.. lol but, I couldn’t resist it. I got it from Marshalls for $179.99 + tax. They currently have it in retail stores.. I saw it at Macy’s the other day. I think the original price is $295. I love B. Makowsky handbags. This is my 2nd one. I love the signature hardware on the bags, the leopard lining and the buttery soft glove leather.

This is my favorite color leather.. I have a few bags this color.

that’s all babes 🙂

15 thoughts on “Small F21 Haul & my new B Makowsky bag!

  1. Love the haul! I was actually looking at that zipper jacket when I went to Forever 21, but I didn't end up buying anything 😦 I want a pair of aviators but they don't look good with my face shape for some reason. Or at least I have never came across ones that do… *sigh.


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