TAG: What’s in my handbag & makeup bag???!

I had a request to do a post about whats in my handbag! I think these are pretty fun.. and I was bored today so I thought I’d do it. Although, whats in my bag isn’t that interesting.. lol I rotate handbags every week.. this is the one I’m currently wearing. Its getting a little old and beat up.

Here’s everything dumped out..

 1) Large Victoria’s Secret Cosmetic Bag 2) Beyond the Zone Flipped Out Styling Spray (this is a must if I need a quick hair fix!) 3) Small bottle of Versace Bright Crystal Perfume (my favorite scent) 4) Brush (I’m always brushing my hair so it looks nice and full) 5) Marc Jacobs Clutch Wallet (this is my fav. wallet I’ve ever owned. It holds everything and I’ve been using it for a over a year & its in perfect condition) 6) Travel pack of Kleenex tissues 7) Chewing Gum 8) Pen (I usually have an agenda in my bag.. I write everything down) 9) Keys

And this is what I have in the pocket of my purse..
1) Lots of band-aids (A must if you wear high heels a lot like me!) 2) Hand Sanitizer Wipes 3) Tan Towels (These are self tanning towelettes. I carry these on me because I sleep over at my boyfriends house a lot and If I didn’t get a chance to apply my self tanner, I usually will use these to wipe across my hands, arms and face. I don’t love these.. but they’re convenient) 4) My Victoria’s Secret Pill Box.. I have a fish oil vitamin in there with some tylenol and asprin. lol And to the goodies.. my makeup bag!

These are all of my necessities for my every day look. CLICK FOR FULL VIEW
 1) Hair tie and small hair clip, in case I want to put my hair back or half way. 2) Refresh Eye Drops, in case my eyes get irritated. 3) Estee Lauder Cream Moisturizer 4) Dental Floss. I hate when I get something stuck in my teeth and can’t get it out! haha 5) Tweezers. 6) Brow razor.. In case I have some strays I need to get rid of. 7) MAC Pencil Sharpener 8) ELF Studio Blush Brush (a new favorite brush of mine. This is perfect for contouring. I use it for my bronzer, blush and powder!) 9) MAC 187SE Duo Fiber Brush for my foundation application. 10) Make up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation (I switch foundations all of the time. This is what I happened to be wearing today) 11) NYX Eye Shadow Trio in “Ceramic”. I wear this every single day. Its two shades of shimmering grays and one black. I use it to line my eyes. 12) MAC Mineralize Blush in “Dainty”. I’ve been using this almost every day since I’ve purchased it. Its not really a favorite of mine.. but it’s a nice natural pink. 13) MAC Golden Bronzer 14) Ben Nye Banana Visage Powder 15) L’Oreal Extra Collagen Mascara 16) MAC “Spiked” Brow Pencil 17) Milani Eye Tech Black Liner Pen 18) MAC “Spice” Lip Liner Pencil. I use this liner with all of my lip colors.. 19) Blistex lip balm 20) MAC Lipstick in “Hue” 21) NYX Round Lipstick in “Orange Soda” 22) NYX Round Lipgloss in “Whipped” That’s all 🙂 and just for fun.. I put my bag on the scale and it weighs almost 4 pounds. haha!

8 thoughts on “TAG: What’s in my handbag & makeup bag???!

  1. I always find the “What's in my bag” posts interesting. My friends make fun of me because I carry a pharmacy in my purse. (i.e., bandaids, advil, hand sanitizer…etc). But they know who to come to when their heels are hurting them!


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