Arabian Eyes FOTN!

Tonight I was playing around with my makeup and ended up doing Arabian inspired eye makeup. Representing my heritage.. lol If you guys didn’t know I’m half Middle Eastern (Jordanian to be exact) haha I really liked the way It turned out but I couldn’t get any good pictures.. 😦 This is always my dilemma. I want a new camera so so so bad!!!

FACE: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny
Ben Nye Banana Visage Powder
MAC Beauty Powder in Smooth Harmony (Bronzer from Heatherette collection)
MAC So Ceylon MSF

EYES: L’Oreal Collagen Mascara in Black
Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner Pen in Black (outlined my eyes)
L’Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Liner in Black (on waterline)
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Ceramic (I used the black color.. it’s almost exactly the same as MAC Black Tied. I used this on my lid)
MAC Violet Trance e/s (I smudged this under the black liner under my eyes and blended this into the black shadow)
MAC Parfait Amour e/s (blended into Violet Trance)
MAC Pink Bronze Pigment (blended into parfait amour and put in the corners of my eyes lightly)
MAC Gesso e/s for a matte white highlight
MAC Fascinating White Pencil Liner (for the little line I extended from the outer corner)

LIPS: MAC Spice Lip Liner Pencil
MAC Hue Lipstick

15 thoughts on “Arabian Eyes FOTN!

  1. You are too beautiful for words, serious. And you are crazy talented with makeup! I did a purple and silver smokey eye yesterday that was cat like, which I'll be posting later. It looked kinda similar to this, minus the white liner and not being as good. haha

    I've been struggling with eating healthy as well. It also didn't help that last night my boyfriend was craving ice cream and I HAD to sample some of his lol. Just take it one day at a time. Today's a new day and just try and be good for one day and you'll feel accomplished! Then try two! It gets easier and easier.


  2. I'm not an expert, but I did a lot of reading about healthy eating, stock up on fruits and healthy food. When I have some time, I cook healthy meals. Then it's ok to eat when I'm bored 🙂 And I minimize eating out, as that is when I can't control what I eat. Good luck


  3. Your eye makeup is amazing. Please, please, consider doing a tutorial one day on applying eye makeup.

    As for struggling with eating healthy/losing a few pounds…I am having the EXACT same problem. Its especially bad on the weekends when I'm not at work and just sitting around the house. But recently, I read Bethenny Frankel's book “Naturally Thin.” She's the one on Real Housewives of NYC. And its a surprisingly good (and easy) read and is helping me a hell of a lot. Give it a try!


  4. love it! as for dieting…i have a strange approach…i don't think it's healthy to deny yourself anything…because you end up denying yourself and want more of it. 'lifestyle' changes that are too strict just end up backfiring because it's not what people really want…

    if you want junk eat a smalllll portion(ie what's on the box or bag). just my 2 cents. =]


  5. i know i was like where did you go? lol deciding to actually keep up with the healthy eating is a big step. Its really really hard!!! i know your gonna start a day off good and then you have that huge brownie at the end of the night, but just because that happens you cant quit, just dust yourself and and get back on that bike! your fall several times before you actually get it right and actually keep on it. im here to help you stay motivated, if you feel a need to actually go for the garbage give it 15 mins before you actually eat. if after 15 mins u dont want it anymore than you werent hungry and it was just an impulse. give it time!!! did you try the website i recommended?


  6. You're so talented Natty…Your inspiring me to step out of the box! I actually have violet trance on my's so pretty! So about the dieting I have been doing REALLY bad lately too…I let my boyfriend go shopping and he brings home the yummiest junk food…so starting next week I will be doing all of the grocery shopping..the best tip I can give you is to cook for yourself and save leftovers, but make the food yummy and fav. thing to make is healthy pizza and lasagna that way you will love what you are eating while everyone else is pigging out! Kinda hard to resist a donut or slice of pizza when you are eating a plain chicken breast with steamed veggies. Hope that helps! 🙂


  7. I just started reading your blog and I love it! You are so talented.
    About the healthy eating–I am currently attempting to do the same kind of plan but it's hard for me, too. What I've been doing is making dinner and lunch ahead of time to last me through the week.


  8. Wow, amazing arabic eyes, they look jaw droppingly amazing =)
    I have the same relationship with food too, I just can't resist eating something full of calories – it's too good to look only! I shouldn't eat anything with fat in it, but can't help it, so I balance. Lots of water, fruits and vegs, less already made foods and the like…and a chocolate, or something yum!


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