Make Up Forever HD Foundation Review, Photos and Swatches!

Make Up Forever HD Foundation

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation ($42) is an oil-free liquid foundation with medium-buildable coverage and a flawless finish. Designed specifically for making the skin look perfectly natural in video, photographs and in person. It’s also said to remain flawless even under bright lights (harsh studio lighting).

Let me start out by saying that this is the most difficult foundation I’ve ever tried in terms of finding a color match. Right now I’m a MAC NC40 or medium with yellow undertones. The first time I went to Sephora to get color matched, I had my eyes on #140 (for medium skin with dark yellow undertones), but the associate talked me into trying #150 (for medium skin with dark beige undertones) because she thought the beige complimented me better. After using 150 for a few days.. I liked it a lot.. but then realized in certain lights I looked pink. So, after doing some heavy duty researching and heavy duty swatching at Sephora.. I decided to go with #128. I do find 128 to be a good color match for NC40, but 128 is definitely less yellow than NC40. #128 is said to be for medium skin with beige undertones. So, if you are in the NC37-42 range and you prefer foundations not to have strong yellow tones.. it should be a good match for you. I didn’t realize when I purchased it that it has a beige undertone. When I swatched #127, it looked more pink than #128.. which is strange because 127 is for medium skin with yellow undertones. It must of been the lighting in the store or something.. because I would of definitely chose #127. Nevertheless, 128 works perfectly fine.

So let me do the breakdown of shades you can use if you are in the NC30-NC40 range.

123 – For light skin with olive undertones. Suitable for NC30-NC35 range if you have light/med skin and olive skin. (many Mediteranean ethnicites.. yellow undertones that almost appear slightly green)
125 – For light skin with beige or neutral undertones. A perfect NC30 color match.. but can probably work for NC35.
127 – For medium skin with yellow undertones. Suitable for NC35-NC40.
128 – For medium skin with beige or neutral undertones. Suitable for NC37-NC42. One shade darker than 125.
140 – For medium skin with dark yellow undertones. (almost olive) Suitable for NC35-NC37.
153 – For medium skin with olive undertones. Suitable for NC40-42. (I think moreso 42, because it was a little dark for me)
155 – For medium skin with dark beige undertones. Less Pink than #150, which is also for med skin with dark beige undertones. Suitable for NC40-NC42. (Again, this was too dark for me and I think it’s moreso NC42)

I swatched #125 and #128 next to MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30 and NC40 for comparison. The MAC foundations are obviously more yellow toned. 125 looks slightly darker than NC30 – but it seems to be a very good color match.

As far as application goes, my favorite brush to apply my foundation is the Sephora Platinum Air Brush #55, or a standard, flat-top foundation brush.

For the past week, I’ve been using the ELF Studio Powder brush and it works amazing! This is what I do- I take a little moisturizer (I’m using my sample of the MUFE HD primer, which feels like a runny gel moisturizer) and rub it into my face. Then, I take a 2 pumps of the foundation and put it on the back of my hand or a clean palette. Then, I take my finger and dab it into the foundation and put a couple dots on my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead so my foundation will be distributed evenly on each area of my face. Then I take my brush and blend it into my face using circular motions and then take my brush and dip it in the remaining foundation and apply it where needed. I don’t stipple it, I just brush it across my face in buffing motions. The coverage is medium, without looking heavy. It seems to cover all of my redness and blemishes.. but it may be a little too light of coverage for those who like a fuller coverage. This foundation is definitely buildable. The consistency is light and creamy and the finish is radiant and dewy. I found that you need to powder your face or else you’ll get very shiny throughout the day. I’ve been dusting my face with MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark or MUFE HD powder (which I don’t like that much.. but it works well with MUFE HD foundation). This is probably more suitable for dry to normal skin types and may be too dewy for oily skin types. Also, the main thing behind this foundation is that it is HD (high definition).. so it photographs beautifully!

I’d also like to mention I love using Benefit High Beam for my highlighter with this foundation. I just smear a little across my same brush and dab it across the middle of my forehead, the bridge of my nose and the apples of my cheeks. High Beam works SO well with this foundation. This is my absolute favorite foundation to use High Beam with.

The result with this is WONDERFUL. This is a new HG for me!

Update: I switch off using my ELF Studio Duo Fiber Brush & Powder Brush , MAC #131 & Sephora #55. They all work very well. I’ve been using #125 much more often now, as my skintone has been around the NC35-37 range. #128 seems to make me look too dark. I’d like to purchase #127 as well.

10 thoughts on “Make Up Forever HD Foundation Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. Great post! You look gorgeous. I love the last pic, you look HAWT! 🙂 I've been using my highbeam with my recently purchased MUFE HD and I've been loving it! Glad you found the combo to. I gotta check out that brush. I've just been using my stippling brush and I HATE the 190 for foundation.


  2. Your skin looks great. I so badly wanna try the MUFE foundations but they are impossible to get in New Zealand! Grr
    Would love if you checked out my blog!


  3. Hi I agree 127 is neutral hardly yellow my face is pink but I have olive skin some people it's hard to find I have to mix it with mac nc 45 just to make it a tiny bit yellow. And is good I wouldn't recommend prolonged wear it got cakey so fix fluid yes great help Missy appreciate your thoughts and mine helping every women god bless you


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