Swap Haul! MAC Soft & Gentle, Nars Super Orgasm and More!

Here are some goodies I received this week in swaps on Makeupalley and Specktra!

I got Super Orgasm! The girl I did the swap with was such a sweetheart!! This shade has been one on my wish list for quite some time.. I lovee it! It looks just like the regular Orgasm blush.. except it seems to be that its a little more intense and has chunky gold glitter in it. Does anyone own this blush? What are your thoughts?? I’m so happy I got my hands on some NARS blushes.. (this one and “angelika”) I want so many other shades! 🙂 

I also received a pretty O.P.I Nail Polish.. perfect for pink french tips or a nude nail. It is called “Pink-ing of you”

I got the MAC Soft & Gentle MSF.. and was SO sad when it came crushed!!! :(!!!!! They sent it to me in a document mailer. What a disappointment! I really like the girl who I did this swap with though.. so I didn’t make a big deal about it. It’s okay. It’s a pretty shade.. it doesn’t give much color.. its better for a shimmery highlight.

(Swatch courtesy of Whit)

This is another product I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Urban Decay’s Deluxe Eye Shadow in “Freakshow“. It is such a pretty deep purple. After I saw Whitz post on this color (click here to see it) I HAD to have it. I’m SO happy I was able to swap something I don’t use for this!

And more Urban Decay! Midnight Cowboy Rides Again & Sin.

I accidentally dug my nail into “Sin” when I was taking a picture 😦 These are two lovely every day shades. I like Sin for a highlight. One of my favs is Midnight Cowboy, so I was excited for Midnight Cowboy rides Again.

I was curious about B*tch Slap Cosmetics.. I really am not fond of the name.. I don’t have that type of “out there” personality. I got the “Spite” Paint Wheel. It’s pretty pigmented.. I’m not so fond of the texture though. It seems really cheap to me. Its very sparkly, very chalky/gritty.. not very soft.. I also didn’t realize that MANY brands have the exact same wheels.. they just have different names. So its not technically exclusively sold by B*tch Slap.. you can get it from various places.. probably at a cheaper cost too. One thing that was weird to me was, after I did the swathes, my fingertips were stained yellow.

And I got lots of MAC pigment samples! I LOVE GRAPE pigment! It is everything I’m hoping MUFE #92 is. And, Cornflower is absolutely gorgeous.. I want the full jar!

That’s all for now! ❤

9 thoughts on “Swap Haul! MAC Soft & Gentle, Nars Super Orgasm and More!

  1. Nice swap…sorry about the MSF. I don't have that paint wheel but I was always intrigued by the colors of that green wheel. Amazing swatch on your fingers..Love love old gold pigment swatch, if I ever buy a MAC pigment it would be that one…lol


  2. You got great items in your swap! That's too bad about your soft and gentle. I'm obsessed with MSFs, but I don't have that many myself. I also hear that Bitch slap cosmetics can stain your brushes (especially if you have the mac ones with the white goat hair). Good thing you used q-tips. I like the trees in the mirror of your super orgasm! Its such a great pic. I just have orgasm blush, but that looks INSANE! Must try it out 🙂


  3. You got some amazing things!!

    i wanted super orgasm, but the huge chunks of glitter did scare me away a bit.

    freak show also looks great! and the paint wheel is sooo pigmented!


  4. Hi! I recently joined makeup alley and kept stumbling across your reviews on there. Then when I was looking up some MAC reviews on google, one of the pictures took me here to your blog and I recognized you from MUA! I love your blog and your reviews are so helpful!! It has definitely inspired me to shift my blog into more of a beauty blog. 🙂 Thanks for all your great posts, I will be sure to keep coming back! 🙂
    Oh, P.S. I too had been looking around for an amazing purple shadow. Two I've found that I've loved are Mac mineralize Odd Couple (SO gorg!!) and for a drugstore brand, I like a cream shadow by Jesse's Girl called Seduction. Not as good as Odd Couple but a good cheap one. 🙂 LOVE purples lately!!


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