Revlon Nude Attitude + Swatch Comparisons!

At CVS Pharmacy, Revlon is buy one get one free! So I finally decided to buy the matte lipstick in Nude Attitude. I’ve been wanting to buy this for quite some time. Matte lipsticks typically don’t flatter me.. they have a tendency to make me look washed out or make my lips look gray. Surprisingly, this lipstick doesn’t do that for me. Its a very pigmented, matte nude beige/peach with slight pink sheen (that’s not really noticeable.. but you can see it by looking closely).
Lighting: Sunlight, no flash.

Here’s a swatch comparison. This is with several nude MAC lipsticks.. and then my NYX nude lipsticks. Sorry, my swatches aren’t that great.

Lighting: Outdoors (In the sunlight), no flash.

Lighting: Indoors, no flash.

Here it is compared to a few of my NYX lipsticks..

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