MAC High Tea Lipstick Review!

mac high tea lipstick

MAC High Tea Lipstick

I went to my local MAC counter last night to redeem my Back 2 MAC Lipstick, and ending up getting High Tea. At the counter it seemed to look really similar to MAC Freckletone (one of my favorites), so I thought it’d be worth a try.

MAC High Tea Lipstick is a beige-pink with pearl (lustre). 

High Tea is really sheer, so depending on your natural lip color, this shade will vary from person to person. It adds a sheer wash of pearly pink-beige to the lips and lots of shine. Since I have natural rosy lips, I like toning them down with a tiny bit of concealer before applying this lipstick. 

MAC High Tea on my lips 

I love the Lustre formulation because it feels extremely creamy and moisturizing on the lips.

Although it’s a pretty lipstick, it’s a little sheer for my liking. I’m unsure as of right now If I’d repurchase.

Do you have High Tea? How do you like it?

11 thoughts on “MAC High Tea Lipstick Review!

  1. Congrats on the job! I've been waiting on a couple job opportunities myself, so unfortunately I'm still stuck where I am at now. Yuck. High Tea looks beautiful on you! I've never actually seen it before/heard of it. You'll be proud of me, I just purchased Shy Girl online and should be coming to me next week 🙂


    I got laid off a while back off too. So i know how you felt my schedule is still off until i start cosmetology school in Oct..
    Wow! that High Tea really does resemble Freckletone. it's gorgeous.. i just happen 2 see a few ebay sellers selling freckletone still just now:(


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