MAC Style Black Mineralize Eyeshadows!

I really didn’t want to do a post on the upcoming MAC Style Black collection, which has early released at a lot of locations already.. but it suppose to actually release this coming Thursday. I just thought I had to share these swatches I came across (if you haven’t already come across them) Gah!! I want all of them. I don’t know which one to get. Probably the purple one. 🙂 I always find MAC collections to be overrated and I try not go get excited and buy everything.. it’s all such an impulse. I don’t like buying limited edition things.. when I run out of product, I want to go back to the store and repurchase it. I know I won’t be buying any lipsticks or glosses. As much as I like the black lip look, I personally, would never be able to wear it unless it was Halloween. And for one day, I can use a black eye liner pencil and some clear lip gloss. 😀

and foiled with MAC Fix+..


8 thoughts on “MAC Style Black Mineralize Eyeshadows!

  1. I'm buying them all *sigh. I've haven't been excited about a collection EVER. Cuz I'm the same way with LE items. But this… *drools*… this speaks to me. haha


  2. Natty…how do you think I feel? I have to work right *next* to the MAC counter! LOL…I think I am actually just going to get that volcanic ash exfoliator and maybe the 'black knight' lipstick…I heard the 'feline' kohl was super black, but supposedly it smudges like crazy…:/


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