Recent Swap Haul: MAC Petticoat, Light Flush, Smooth Harmony and more!

I recently got my hands on some things I’ve really been wanting! I love swapping – It’s awesome getting things you want and will most likely use, for the items in your makeup stash that you didn’t like, or didn’t work out for you. I wish I had more things to swap!

Anyways, onto the stuff I got..

MAC Petticoat & Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinishes (click the pic for full view)

MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish is described as a pale rose with gold and amber veining (Frost). It also has raspberry veining, so when the colors are swirled together, a light, warm, frosty pink-raspberry is created.

MAC Light Flush Mineralize Skinfinish is a light, warm pink with golden shimmer. It’s similar to Petticoat, but a bit lighter, and warmer. It’s a very pretty subtle pink highlight.

They both remind me a bit of MAC Pink Bronze pigment. I sometimes take a tiny bit of pink bronze pigment and dust it over my bronzer for a pinky orange glow, and it really looks just like that. It has the same exact color pearl. (Comparisons below)

MAC Coygirl Powder Blush

MAC Coygirl Blush is a cool, powder pink-mauve with a hint of purple.

Ever since I saw a girl on makeupalley do a FOTD with this blush, I had to have it! So far, I’ve only worn it once, but I really like it. I think its a color that’s really flattering on light, cool skin tones. I think it’s a difficult shade to wear on tan skin tones because of the cool undertone. I found that this blush looks extremely similar to MAC Dame Blush. I could barely tell the difference between the two except if you look up close at Dame, it has the tiniest bit of shimmery sheen to it. I actually grabbed Dame the other day and threw it in my purse on accident instead of Coygirl. I find that Coygirl is more pigmented. Dame is a bit easier to wear on warm skin.

MAC Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder 

This is a back up. I really like this beauty powder. I use it as a bronzer or a contour. The consistency is very soft, like a powder compact, not like a bronzer. It is a matte bronze. It looks just like the color of terracotta clay. That’s the way it will look on your face as well. It’s definitely not a golden brown. Its more of a coppery orangey bronze. It really suits my tan skin tone and gives me such a pretty color. I like to buff this into my cheeks with my ELF Studio Powder or blush brush after I applied my foundation. I love it especially with my MUFE HD Foundation.

MAC Creme de Violet & Crystal Eyeshadows
MAC Crystal Eyeshadow is a pale violet and silver duo-chrome with a pearl finish.
MAC Creme De Violet is described as a pink-violet with gold pearl (frost).

I haven’t used creme de violet yet, but I’ve been using crystal almost every day since I received it. It looks so pretty paired with deep purple eye shadow, which I’ve been wearing a lot of lately! I think I’m alright on purple eye shadows now.. lol I’ve accumulated a million.

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strip Light Bronzer in Vegas Strip

This is a pretty drugstore bronzer that you can use as a bronzer, highlight and even eye shadow. It costs around $11-$13 depending on where you go. It’s very shimmery/frosty. I thought the yellowish color at the top may be a dupe for my MAC New Vegas msf.. I have yet to try this out. I’ll keep you posted!

and, the swatch of the top color on my thumb.. haha 

I also received a few other things.. such as samples.. I got a MAC Shygirl Lipstick back up as well as a NYX Circe Lipstick back up..

I’m still waiting on some more items. I’ll be posting those soon. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Recent Swap Haul: MAC Petticoat, Light Flush, Smooth Harmony and more!

  1. i am so jealous of you right now! lol you got THE best blushes from mac. i love all of them.

    i use creme de violet with mythology on the lid and then creme de violet on the outer corner/crease with my 219. looks so pretty!


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