My favorite fragrance at the moment..

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.
Chanel Chance is a fragrance I’ve wanted for a really long time.. but I never buy it because I really don’t like spending money on perfume. I don’t know why.. as If I don’t waste my money on everything else.. lol I always wait for my birthday or Christmas to come around.. 🙂

I actually wanted to get the original Chanel Chance, but when I smelled it at Sephora, It smelled really musky.. =X I didn’t like it one bit. Then, I smelled the Eau Fraiche, and it smelled alright. But, when I actually sprayed it on myself, then I got to really smelling it and it smelled soooo good. That Sephora didn’t carry the 1.7 oz, they only carried the 3.4 oz.. and I didn’t want to buy that big of a bottle.. since its $90, plus 10% sales tax. So I went to Bloomingdales to see if they had the small bottle, and the sales lady talked me into buying the bigger bottle anyway since it was $25 more for double the size. whatever.. $100 later, I’m smelling oh so nice. 🙂

My favorite type of scents are really young, girly and fresh. I like fruity smells and citrus-y kinds of smells. I like perfumes that kind of smell like a girly cologne. I don’t like musky scents, powdery or vanilla scents.

My other favorite perfumes are Ralph Lauren Romance, Versace Bright Crystal and Clinique Happy & Happy Heart (I don’t love, love these, but my boyfriend loves it on me).

What is your favorite?

6 thoughts on “My favorite fragrance at the moment..

  1. Bright Crystal by Versace is my all time favorite!! Nobody really ever talks about it, it's so nice you mentioned it. I think you would love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Versace has a new scent out which is also kinda green like the new Chanel you bought. I think it's called Versense, I'm dying to get that one!


  2. My hairdresser wears the Chanel Eau Fraiche perfume and I remember asking her what it was…it's gorgeous, I love it. I know what you mean about spending money on perfume, I'm always reluctant!


  3. i've been using chance (not the eau fraiche one, but the original) for a good 3 yrs now..i love how it smells on my scarves or jackets, i can never get enough of it. That's so ironic because I didn't really love it when i first smelled it in the glass but when i sprayed it on i fell in love… i guess it has to work with your own body chemistry…clinique is nice too! wow i just rambled on there for no reason! haha xo


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