Sephora Platinum #55 Airbrush Review!

Sephora Platinum #55 Airbrush
I’m not sure how I got lured into purchasing this brush.. but I did. It is the much talked about airbrush from Sephora. I LOVE Sephora’s platinum pro silver handle brushes.. they are all so soft and of really good quality. They are a little more pricey than the regular black handled Sephora brushes.. but if you’re looking to invest hundreds in brushes.. these are just as good, if not better than MAC brushes. This brush is said to work hand in hand with Make Up Forever’s HD Foundation. It really does work well. This brush is incredibly soft and applies the foundation wonderfully. Through the application the brush stayed soft and the bristles never clumped together. It is also pretty sturdy.. the bristles didn’t get pressed down or bend while applying. For Make Up Forever HD, this works better than the duo-fiber stipple brush (for me at least). I find that with thinner consistency foundations this brush works really well. I like using this for Make up Forever Face and Body Foundation as well. For thicker foundations, I still prefer my stipple brush. It definitely made applying foundation a lot quicker.. and I love how its shaped so you can really get close to your eyes and around your brow area well. Overall, I wasn’t blown away with this brush, but it’s definitely a really nice synthetic foundation brush to have in your collection in opposition to a regular flat brush or the duo-fibre brush. I’m glad I purchased it. 
Have you tried this brush? What are your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Sephora Platinum #55 Airbrush Review!

  1. Hmm I've been looking for a brush to use with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.This could be it ! I'm curious though, unlike the stippling brush which you of course stipple on..what's the motion you use for this? Circular? Dabbing? Brushing? Sorry my question is so long.


  2. The Princessa – I apply the foundation to the back of my hand and I dip the brush in just like I would with the stipple.. just so it covers the edges of the bristles.. and I brush it on my face and then use circular buffing motions to really blend it well. I have also tried dabbing like I do with my stipple brush and then do circular motions to buff. Both worked great!


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