Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Corrector Review, Photos and Swatches!

make up for ever eyebrow corrector 3

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector ($20) is a waterproof eyebrow defining cream in a tube. Fills, defines, and intensifies brows with natural-looking, stay-put color. The result remains flawless throughout the day and holds up under all conditions (water, heat, etc).

The Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector is available in (4) shades: No.1 (light taupe brown), No. 2 (medium warm brown), No. 3 (dark ash brown) and No. 4 (dark brown black). No. 3, a deep, milk chocolate brown is a perfect match for my dark brown hair.

I was skeptical about this product because I’ve never used a cream product on my brows. The last thing I want is for my eyebrows to look fake or painted on. But, when I was at Sephora, one of the sales associates actually told me it’s what she uses on her brows and her brows looked very natural and put-together.

The trick with making this product look natural is by only using the tiniest bit. And when I’m saying tiny, I mean the tiniest drop you can get. A little goes a very long way – even the residue left on the tip of the tube goes a long way.

Any brow brush will do, but I like using a small angled, firm brow brush. I usually start by tracing the underside of my brows (the area that should be the most harsh) and with whatever is left on the brush, make small brush strokes in the sparse areas until the brow is completely filled in.

What’s great about this cream is that you can control how light or dark you want it to be. The more product you apply, the darker/harsher your brows will be, and the less product you use, the lighter and more natural your brows will appear.

The product dries fairly quickly to a matte finish.

The lasting power is amazing! My brows don’t budge all day. I’m sure it’d be great for oily skin types or you live in a hot/humid climate and you have a problem with your brows melting off! haha.

Make Up For Ever Brow Corrector can be found at Sephora for $19.

make up for ever eyebrow corrector #3

make up for ever eyebrow corrector swatches
Various swatches of #3; as you can see, the color differs with the amount of product used. 
before and after make up for ever eyebrow corrector
Here is my eyebrow before and after using the Eyebrow Corrector in shade #3.

Have you tried this product?

15 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Corrector Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. I think I need this as well. I hate my eyebrows… I don't know what to do with them because they are so sparse I've been trying to grow them out to get a good shape but they just look like shit. lol


  2. Wow that looks really good. My eyebrows are sparse in really random sections so they're a bit strange looking without any product lol I'm definitely going to have to check this out. Thanks for the post!


  3. It looks flawless!!! Now Im thinking of getting one, maybe in #4 since I have black hair. Will the #4 one show up as black? Also, does it just come off with reg makeup remover? Great post! ❤


  4. Looks like a great product, I love the look of your brows, definitely none of that “painted on” effect!!!
    I 'm using eyeshadow too, but this looks like I should upgrade soon! 🙂



  5. Um everyone has the right to wear whatever makeup style they please
    and they do look painted on..which is not bad
    you complain when therye sparse,but when theyre “done up” they look fake??
    woow thats dumb
    well that painted on look that jealous hags hate on is lovely looking


  6. I didn't mean to offend! My eyebrows are just so dark naturally and if I fill them in too much with a similarly dark product, it can just look too harsh on my face. Everyone has their own taste of makeup that they like on their own face. It just doesn't look right on me! 🙂


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