MAC Freckletone Lipstick Dupe!! & Palladio Cosmetics Haul!

While shopping at Sally’s Beauty Supply, I was looking at Palladio Cosmetics. I purchased something called Herbal Lip Slix – ultra shiny lip gloss crayon in the shade Creme Cocoa PLC09. It’s basically a lip stick crayon. The texture is very smooth and creamy and the finish is shiny and pretty opaque. I’ve been wearing it for a few days and noticed that it looks exactly like one of my MAC favorites.. Freckletone. When comparing both, I couldn’t tell them apart. The texture, finish, color.. It is the perfect dupe if you want to try Freckletone without spending $14.50 plus tax, and maybe not liking it. This crayon is $5.99, but I got it for 20%. They also sell this at ULTA, and ULTA always has buy one get one sales.. and they have great weekly coupons.

I also bought a concealer stick in the shade “light”. Medium looked a little dark for me for a concealer. I already have a yellow color corrector concealer stick and it covers really good.. so I wanted to give another shade a try. Great coverage, it’s very creamy and doesn’t crease.

and, I bought a beautiful baked blush that reminds me of a mac mineralize blush, but I can’t think of which one it looks like. Palladio has a realllyy nice selection of blushes. And they have great lasting power. This one is called “choc-au-lait”

13 thoughts on “MAC Freckletone Lipstick Dupe!! & Palladio Cosmetics Haul!

  1. That concealer does seem pretty opaque~i love it when ppl find stuff that are inexpensive yet effective! 🙂 Nice lip crayon and blush too! Hopefully u'll do a look soon .


  2. I really love the lipstick, when i go shopping i prefer to choose a quality lipstick that doesn´t cause any damage in my lips. I take care my lips too much, because i thik this is the sexiest part of our body. So when i feel sexy is better the man buy viagra


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