Matte Nail Polish!? NOTD w/ L.A. Girl Matte Nail Polish in Turquoise!

Whats your take on matte nail polish? I was deciding for a while whether I liked the concept or not.. considering when I polish my nails, I apply a thick clear top coat because I love my nails to look extremely shiny. Dull nails? It reminds me of when I paint my nails hot pink and it always dries matte, and you have to make sure to put a top coat. Well, I decided to jump on the matte band wagon and buy a matte nail polish. I purchased L.A. Girl Turquoise Matte Nail Polish (from forever 21)

…to match my teal boots I bought. haha!!!!

$27.80 at forever 21.

Well, I’m sold on the idea of matte nails. I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. I loveee this color too. It actually lasted one full week before a nail chipped. I was pretty surprised. And I’m happy to announce I got out of my “I don’t think I can pull off dark colors on my nails well” phase.. and starting wearing lots of dark colors and I’m loving them!

Do you have a favorite shade of matte nail polish to share?!

13 thoughts on “Matte Nail Polish!? NOTD w/ L.A. Girl Matte Nail Polish in Turquoise!

  1. I had the same reaction to matte polish, I didn't like it at first but now I love it! I have 3 OPI shades, right now my favorite it Russian Navy. Love the green f21 one you got!


  2. I love the boots! I bought LPAD matte but unless I paint it over fake nails it chips after the second day! Oh and it's not purple at all, completely black. I do like it over fake nails, very cool.


  3. I really wanna pick up OPIs Russian Navy in matte. I've been undecided about the “matte” look on the nails though because I also love shinny/glossy looking nails.

    Love your boots!


  4. I love the matte nail polish trend! I just purchased an OPI dark gray (can't remember the name right now) and love it! At first it reminded me of having clay on my hands (the matte gray color) but I've received so many compliments.


  5. I love the matte color on your nails. You've got the perfect tan for that color. I also love the boots! Do you know if Forever21 had the boots in black? I'll have to check their website…


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