NYX Round Lipstick Pictures!

Lipsticks from left to right: NYX Frosted Flakes, NYX Echo, NYX Rea and NYX Summerlove.

Lipsticks from left to right: NYX Strawberry Milk, NYX Fig and NYX Louisiana. 

So far, my two favorite colors are Fig and Louisiana. Fig is a very wearable pink that I can probably wear every day. You can tone down the color with a little nude gloss. Louisiana is similar but it is a lot more vibrant. I can’t wait to wear it for a night out. 🙂

11 thoughts on “NYX Round Lipstick Pictures!

  1. You're crazy, Nat. You have VOLUPTUOUS lips. And your lips don't look flaky and nasty like some other girls who do swatches with lips. I just subscribed, btw. You're so pretty and I can tell that you're a real nice person. I don't know how I think that from reading your blog, but I think you are a nice person. Louisiana looks really good on you. You need to do a FOTD with that color. And you need to start making vids, girl! I think you'll help a lot of clueless ladies out there!


  2. I can't wait to see how Rea looks on you. I just got it last week and have a picture of me wearing it on my blog, but I'm still too scared to wear it out. I'm afraid it looks too light maybe. You're rocking those pinks!


  3. OMG what are u talking about??? Those lip swatches are some of the best I've seen…in terms of colour accuracy (i own those 2) and how it looks against ur skintone…can't wait to see summerlove…how are u liking that one?


  4. I love Louisiana!! It reminds me of my MAC 'Girl About Town' lippie….super cute and fun!! Our skintones are very similiar, so I can hardly wait to see your nude lipstick swatches!


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