My November Favorites!

1) Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lip Glaze in Unlimited Nectar. This is the typical lip gloss I would wear every day. I would either pair it with Revlon Nude Attitude or wear it by itself. It is the perfect peach. And it lasts for hours, which is plus for me because I don’t have time to reapply at work! As you can see, its pretty empty, so I need to buy a new one soon!
2) Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow Palette. I bought this palette from Target by the holiday makeup sets for $9.99. I’ve been using these shadows just about every day. My favs. are the dark brown (which reminds me of Urban Decay Twice Baked) & the shimmery black. The colors are all pigmented and well worth $10!
3) NYX Powder Blush in Sand. This is definitely one of my new favorite bronzers. I’ve been using it just about every day since I purchased it. It’s subtle, but you can definitely build the color. The consistency is so prefect that It never smears, blotches or gets muddy on my face. It blends flawlessly and it has a beautiful golden sheen.
4) NYX Single Eye Shadow in Dark Brown. I love this for filling in my brows. I like using it on days where I don’t wear much makeup and I want my brows to look more natural. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I love using it along with Make Up Forever’s brow corrector.
5) MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Gilt by Association. I love smudging this under my lash line and above my lash line along with a black eye shadow. It’s so gorgeous and gives my eyes a small pop of color and shimmer.
6) ULTA Nail Lacquer in X-Dry. This is my favorite top coat at the moment. My nail polish always lasts a solid week before any chipping and it dries in less than a minute.
7) LA Girl Matte Nail Polish in Turquoise. I usually get tired of nail polishes quick, but I keep on using this color without getting sick of it. I think its the perfect color for the season. 🙂 I like to wear it matte, or with a shiny top coat.
8) MAC Stripdown Lip Liner. This is the perfect every day lip liner. I always wear it with my Revlon lipgloss, mentioned 1st.. and it looks gorgeous!
9) Covergirl Lash Blast. Yeah, I know you’re sick of hearing it, but it had to go in my November favorites! 10) 40 Carrots Moisture Splurge. This is an awesome moisturizer I picked up at Marshalls for $6.99. I use it every day as a moisturizer before I apply my foundation. The consistency is runny, and It leaves my skin moist without being too saturated or creamy. And, the smell is amazing!!! It’s mango and carrots. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

What are some of your favorites this month?! Please Share!

7 thoughts on “My November Favorites!

  1. Really great Favorites!!!

    I've been loving my Rimmel lipstick in 006 Pink Blush/Champagne, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly and my new ELF studio eyeshadows 🙂 (posted pics on my blog)


  2. Hey, why wasn't your MUFE waterproof brow thingy on your list? Oh well, that NP palette looks really appealing. I might visit my Target and see if they still have them.


  3. Louzee, It was definately one of my favorites.. I was just trying to switch it up a little and not list everything I already posted about.

    And yeah, def check out your target! they have some pixi palettes for $10 too that look really tempting.


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