NARS Lovejoy & Albatross Powder Blushes Review!

NARS Albatross and Lovejoy Blushes

Lovejoy is a beautiful, shimmering bronzed rose. When applied, it instantly adds definition and warmth to my face.

The pigmentation is amazing, and you only need a light touch of the brush for a natural flush of color. Because it’s so pigmented, using a duo fiber brush works best and lightly dabbing the powder across the cheeks.

This shade particularly goes really well with my tan skin tone, and I highly recommend it for medium, olive and tan skin tones! This is now one of my favorite blushes!

Albatross is a sheer, light golden powder used for highlighting the cheeks/face.

I’m not going to lie – Albatross looks a bit intimidating in the pan. Nars is known for providing some really pigmented blushes, so I had always assumed Albatross was going to be a pigmented, frosty white (in which I could use any of my white loose pigments). But, don’t let the looks of it fool you. If you look closely, you’ll see that it has a golden-yellow pearl.

When applied to the face, it goes on as a sheer, golden yellow sheen. It gives a very nice glow to the cheeks without looking shimmery or frosty. It’s great for highlighting the top of the cheekbones, and it looks great layered over blushes.

A little goes a long way – my favorite way to apply this powder is with a fan or duo fiber brush.

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist uses Albatross to give Kim a radiant glow. She’s wearing it in the photo below, across her cheekbones and it looks like she may be wearing it heavily on her neck.

[photo was taken from Mario’s blog]

Here are a couple pictures of myself I took in the car last night. I was wearing Lovejoy & Albatross. If you wanna know what was on my whole face, post a comment 🙂

Nars Blushes retail for $28 and can be purchased at Sephora.

What are some of your favorite NARS blushes? I want them all!

19 thoughts on “NARS Lovejoy & Albatross Powder Blushes Review!

  1. sorry major typos on the comment i left before lol

    im lusting for Albatross..i saw it too on Mario's blog and ive been wanting it ever since.. is it at all powdery or chalky?


  2. Ah, I'm totally lemming NARS Albatross! Are NARS blushes worth $25, do you think? The pans do look huge.

    I'm probably going to pick up Wet 'n' Wild Acapulco Glow, a similar highlighter, to satisfy my lust for now XD


  3. YOU ARE RIDICULOUSLY PRETTY! Your make-up and tan look fabulous!

    Albatross does look intense in the pan. I've got some eyeshadow similar to that and it scared me at first too. LOL!


  4. I'm an NC43 in Mac and love NARS Taj Mahal. Lovejoy and Albatross are on my list for sure!

    @Shao while expensive, they are totally worth it. Mine is so pigmented I think it will last forever


  5. You have THE perfect skin IMO. Be a model already… lol. I saw that pick of Kim K and hear she was wearing MAC Trace Gold Blush as well and now I have to have it. Adding NARS Albatross to my lust list as well. Can't wait to do some major hauling after the holidays!


  6. I have Nars Albatross too and it's a must have for me. I too was afraid of it being to white/frosty for me but when I saw that Kim K uses it, I figured it'd be alright for me and now I love it!
    And yes, I'd like to know what you're wearing on your whole face. That shade of lipstick/gloss is gorgeous!


  7. I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT'S ON YOUR FACE!!!! LOL, no one else asked. I was at Sephora for about an hour and a half trying to decide which ONE NARS item I wanted (because I wasn't about to leave the place without one) and decided to pick the most vibrant, obnoxious color they had….

    NARS blush EXHIBIT A. That's right. The most orange thing you've seen since Oompa Loompas. I actually don't regret buying it. Orange flatters my skin tone for some reason.


  8. ohmygosh, albatross looks AMAZING on kim kardaskian. i haven't even swatched it because it looked so scary but now i am mad i never have!

    i don't know if you have a skin care post ( i will check now ) but if not i would love to know what you use. your skin look so fresh


  9. I love the look on you! I own Deep Throat, Orgasm and the Orgasm 3-in-1. I love them all. I have officially added these two items to my wishlist 🙂
    Great post!


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