Dyed my hair & added 18" long extensions!

I used Garnier 100% Color in #501 Medium Brown

My color was fading A LOT so I decided to dye it again last Friday. I used the same color, but I know I didn’t keep it in my hair long enough to get the actual color I was suppose to. I only used one box and I concentrated mainly on the top half of my head where my hair was the lightest shade of brown(where I had my bleach accident) and didn’t focus much on the bottom half of my hair or underneath. I massaged it into my hair & left it in for 20 minutes, rinsed & shampooed.

It turned out the way I wanted it to 🙂 A medium/dark brown that’s a little lighter on the bottom. Some of my old highlights underneath are still visible.. and I really like that. I’m thinking about adding a small handful of golden blonde highlights underneath my hair.

This was my hair after BEFORE i dyed it:

I liked it but it was fading fast and my roots were growing in really dark.

I also purchased a pack of extensions from my local Sally’s Beauty Supply. I got the Euronext Remy 18 inch Clip-Ins in Dark Brown. It was $89.99 or $79.99 if you have a club card. This is the 2nd time purchasing these. I had trimmed my older ones and they are now the same length as my hair since it has grown. I really like them. They feel natural, last a long time, you can color them (I’ve highlighted them and they still stayed good), they are light weight and the clips stay in my hair very well (I’ve had bad clips that would slip right out). I had them previously when my hair was a lot shorter and I thought that there wasn’t enough hair & it looked stringy in my hair. So I would always put my hair halfway up in a clip so you couldn’t tell. But this time around it blended so nicely and it was a perfect amount. It comes with 8 pieces.. a few longer rows and a few 1 1/2″ strands. It’s a good amount of hair and I used all of the strands because my hair is so thick.

For reference, I’ve also purchased Satin Strands a few times and I like them too, but you have sew in your own clips, they’re heavier and in my past experience they would always go flat. I did like them though, but their color choices for brunettes is kind of poor. I have also purchased Sassy extensions and It was a complete waste of my money because they are incredibly thin & I doubled the tracks and they were still too thin. It looked like thin strands coming from my hair. I ended up tossing them after 1 use.

My best friend has tried all of the brands that Sally has to offer and she agrees Euronext are her favorite. In addition from the brands I tried, she tried the Revlon ones (which turn to ratty barbie hair after a few uses) and the Paris Hilton extensions (which also turn to ratty barbie hair after a couple uses).

Here’s a picture with them clipped in and curled with my flat iron.

26 thoughts on “Dyed my hair & added 18" long extensions!

  1. Very Purdy. I worked at Sally for two years. Euronext was a popular item since the clips were already in them. Satin Strands were our “top of the line” hair, but their color selection is very limited. Sassy is the lowest grade of our human hair. They also have the loose hair for doing braids and stuff. We get a lot of beauty students who buy it for practice. What I can tell you is that Sally hair (Sassy, Euronext, Satin Strands) are chemically treated to an extent and we've had people complain when they try dying it and it doesn't come out the color that they want. I'm really glad that you know your colors, Nat. I remember getting so frustrated when these girls want to jump from a Level 1 black to a platinum blonde in one session. I keep telling them that it's not possible to do that and they'll end up making their hair worse.

    Dude, don't even bother with Revlon and Paris Hilton ones. Sally carries them to compete with Ulta's Ken Paves line.


    If the girl at the checkout tries to sell you the little knick knacks up front, it's because she's trying to accumulate IOM points (item of the month). When she gets enough points she can redeem it for gift cards and other goodies as part of the rewards program. It's also part of her secret shopper guidelines. If she's done her job right she's probably sold you (at some point):

    – ION conditioning treatment
    – Silk elements conditioner

    Just a little former Sally girl trivia. =)


  2. I want your hair volume. Do you have any tips or tricks (products you use) to keep it so voluminous? Or is your hair just really thick… I can get my hair looking like that for about 20 minutes and it starts to go flat on me Ugg

    Love the colour!


  3. Your hair is so cute! I just bought extensions and am currently wearing mine. My hair is super short like neck length and the first time I wore mine it just didn't seem like enough hair but I washed them and they are a lot fluffier so I'm happy! BTW love your site.


  4. Geez o weez, I lurrrrve how it came out for you! I want extensions for volume, not so much length…I super duper long hair. But the color and length and curl all turned out perfect for you!!!! I hope someone does a review on the Ken Pave/J Simpson line, I'm quite interested in those too!


  5. Hey, Do you think you could make these work with blonde hair.. well my hair stylist bleaches the crown of my hair and leaves the underneath my natural color. If you have time to answer with some advice that would be awesome. Jac


  6. I love your hair! My hair is starting to get really dull and I wanted to choose a good way to liven it up. And when I saw these extensions I knew I had to get them! So cute!


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