Christmas Party Pics! & J Simpson Ken Paves Extensions Review (A much delayed post)

I had an amazing Christmas this year. I spent it with my boyfriends family, and later on with my family. The weekend prior to Christmas, we went to a nice Christmas party at a bar/restaurant, but I felt TERRIBLE. My throat was progressively closing up, and it was so sore I couldn’t speak or swallow my own saliva the whole nigh. So I missed out on the dinner/dessert and drinks. 😦 It was still a really nice time.

This is the gorgeous tree my boyfriends mom decorated

George and Me at the Christmas party!

My future mother-in-law and Me 🙂

And you all know I was wearing my extensions.. and curled my hair with a flat iron.

I attempted to take pictures of my makeup, but I got really shiny and gross by the time I got home.

What I had on:
MAC Select Cover up NW25
YSL Touch Eclat #1
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny, mixed with Make up Forever HD #128
MAC Blot Powder Medium Dark
NARS Lovejoy & Albatross Blushes
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

Sephora strass #05 eyeshadow all over lid
MAC Folie eye shadow in crease
MAC Carbon smudged in lashline
Stila Eye Kohl in Amethyst smudged into lashline
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Ardell Lashes (can’t remember the #, they are only half strips)

MAC Stripdown Lip Liner
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
MAC Like Venus Dazzleglass


Jessica Simpson HAIRDO (Ken Paves) Hair Extensions
I had some requests asking me if I tried these. And yes, I tried the synthetic hair extensions, as well as the human hair extensions. I purchased them off ebay for a fraction of what they were being sold for at my local ULTA. I think they went to clearance because I don’t see them anymore.

Here are my thoughts:
21″ Human Hair Extensions in the shade R10 Chestnut
I had these in my hair everyday for a year.

Here are the PROS:
– The extensions are layered, so it blends in VERY well with your real hair unlike other extensions that hang like strands
– They were thick and gave my hair lots of volume
– After dying them, the condition still stayed great
– Very minimal shedding through shampoos
– They stayed good through lots of heat styling and styling products
– It held a curl well, unlike many I’ve tried
– You can style it as you would you real hair. For example, I would wash my hair, apply hair gel and diffuse it with the extensions in my hair and it looked exactly like my real hair.

– The piece was too large for my head, so it hung onto my neck a little (this may set me back from purchasing it again) Its suppose to be form fitting.. but it wasn’t for me.
– It is heavy, so it puts strain on your roots

Here is a picture of me wearing them last year straight:

Here they are curly:

This is how short my hair was without them (picture taken the same week) gahh my hair was so fried!!

Now, the Synethetic 23″ Wavy Extensions in R6 Dark Chocolate


– Super long
– Very silky when you first buy them
– Layered to blend in with your hair
– Not overly shiny like a lot of synthetic hair, so you couldn’t tell it was fake
– The piece fit my head well, unlike the human hair piece
– Light weight
– Curls stayed in place, even when washed

– Can’t heat style it or put products in it
– Lasts only for a couple weeks or less with daily wear
– Once you wash them the consistency turns coarser
– They don’t last longer than 2 weeks. They turn to ratty barbie hair.

I would recommend these if you’re going to wear them for a special occasion or event to look your best. Because they only look the best the first few times you wear them.

I don’t have many picture of me wearing these. But here is one:

horrible pic.. ignore the pimples. lol

If you have any other questions about these just ask!

22 thoughts on “Christmas Party Pics! & J Simpson Ken Paves Extensions Review (A much delayed post)

  1. Super fabulous review, thank you!!!!!! I have a really teeny head so it sounds like the natural hair may not work for me and I don't want synthetic, I didn't realize they didn't last that long =/

    You are uber cute in all your pics!


  2. You are absolutely stunning your face is flawless and your makeup always look perfectly done !!!!! and with short or long hair you rock

    Merry Christmas Happy New Year ❤


  3. Women You are soo preety=] and sweet=]

    Love the outfit too=]

    ugh whenever i curl my hair with a flat iron it always looks wack =[ but i did new years and it was alright hahah nothingspecial .


  4. sara, I wear it almost every day.. but coincidentally, in my recent pictures, I'm wearing mostly mac espresso e/s.. usually when I'm in the mood for powder.. which is rare. The MUFE Corrector has the best staying power.


  5. I have been loving your blog! I know this is a really old post but I have to ask – the color difference between the chestnut and dark chocolate – how significant is it? My hair is between the two and they both look lovely!


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