Some news and my weekend! :)

Sorry I didn’t to make a New Year post, but Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a blast. I had a good time spending it with my boyfriend and his family and friends. And, I had a long weekend, which is always nice! I should have new years pictures up soon. I didn’t get to dress the way I wanted at all 😦 I was planning on curling my hair and curling my extensions but I had left my extensions at my boyfriends house so I just had my hair flat ironed. And, I took too long to get ready so by the time I was about to get dressed, he was waiting outside.. I had no time at all to pick and pair out an outfit.. so I ended up wearing jeans and not taking my coat off all night because I didn’t match. Oh well. Me and George have a weekend ritual of going to this pancake house in town that has the BEST breakfast food. My favorite thing to order is FRENCH CREPES. My heart is skipping thinking about it. HA. Who is like this over food except me? lol  
Its three crepes with fresh strawberries and a tangerine sauce and dusted off with powdered sugar. delish! His favorite are the chocolate crepes.
don’t you hate when you try to snap some cute pictures and they make the dumbest faces? lol, sorry babe.  
These were my nails.. I used my OPI “Purple with a Purpose” nail polish with a glittery silver polish from forever 21 over it. I think it looked a little elementary, but I didn’t want to redo them. I really like the shade of purple. I used it on my toes as well.
We also made a trip to Corner Bakery for some hot chocolate and something sweet 🙂 I honestly didn’t care for their hot chocolate, yuck.
My boyfriend is a firm believer of buying a million different sweets in case we’re stuck with one that isn’t good. lol definately NOT a good thing for the weight conscious. haha yeah.. we didn’t leave much left.
And, an update/news… DUN DUN DUN. I gave my two week notice at my current job because I received a better job offer. woohoo! You all can look forward to more blog posts.. I’ll have all the time in the world now. 🙂 and I’m double happy because Its staying light outside a little longer now.. no more complete darkness at 4PM. Yay spring!! Can’t wait! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Some news and my weekend! :)

  1. You're so cute! My man does the same 😛 Really cute nail polish 🙂

    I adore the Pancake House, I have 2 in a 10 minute radius, so bad for my gut! I've had the Strawberry crepes twice in the last 5 days…I'm so bad, haha.

    I don't step foot in corner bakery, I know the damage I could do =/

    Congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!


  2. Sweets are my weakness. I'm more excited when my husband brings me home cupcakes than anything else. Jewelry or flowers? Forget it. I want cake! LOL!

    Congrats on the new job! 🙂


  3. You are not the only one who gets excited about food! I love any type of crepes…they're so yummy!

    Congrats on your new job! Starting off the year right!


  4. I've been craving crepes so badly…it's funny because there is a pancake house style restaurant that my boyfriend and I go to as well and we've got crepes a couple times! Those look soo delicious. I'm looking forward to all your posts! Congrats on the new job offer…I got one as well! 😀 More $$$ = more hauls. I want Lovejoy and Albatross because of you…but now I'll be able to afford it more! haha


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