Bobbi Brown Light Peach Corrector Review, Photos and Swatches!

bobbi brown light peach corrector review

 Bobbi Brown Corrector

For very dark circles and extra coverage, Bobbi Brown’s secret is her Bobbi Brown Corrector ($23). 
Bobbi Brown Correctors are super creamy pink and peach based creams that are designed to be layered under your regular concealer to neutralize darkness for maximum coverage.
There are twelve shades in total. The shades are as follows: Porcelain Bisque, Light Bisque, Porcelain Peach, Light Peach, Light to Medium Bisque, Bisque, Peach, Medium to Dark Bisque, Dark Bisque, Deep Bisque and Very Deep Bisque.
I originally purchased Peach, which is actually a really good match for my skintone when I’m tan (MAC NC40), but I prefer my concealers to be a little bit lighter than my skintone (even though this is a “corrector”, not a concealer, I still couldn’t bear using something as dark as my skin). So, with that said, I exchanged it, and purchased Light Peach.
Light Peach is a pale, milky peach. It’s probably best suited for light to light-medium complexions – a very good match for MAC NC20-25.

bobbi brown light peach corrector swatch
This swatch shows the color very true to life.
bobbi brown corrector light peach swatch
For color comparison, here is Light Peach swatched next to MAC Select Cover-up in NW25.
The consistency of this product is very, very creamy and slightly tacky. I initially thought it would have a similar consistency to other cream concealers (MAC Studio Finish for instance), but it’s completely different. Cream concealers are very dense, while Bobbi Brown Corrector is very soft.

Something I’ve really realized with using this product is that you only need the tiniest bit. When I first purchased it, I realized I was using too much product (the same amount I’d use of concealer). It covered very well, but by the time I applied my concealer, it felt too moist under my eyes. I’ve come to realize that you really only need a tiny amount for it to get the job done and I shouldn’t go back for seconds. 

My favorite way of applying this is with my ring finger and tapping it into the areas under my eyes where it’s the most purple. On days where I’m in a rush, I’ll quickly sweep it under my eyes with my finger and it works just as well.
In conjunction with my concealer, my dark circles are completely covered. More covered than they’d be with the concealer alone.

before after bobbi brown corrector

Although I don’t really need too much additional coverage, I always apply a little concealer on top. In the photo below, I applied a little Physician’s Formula Conceal RX Concealer in Light lightly with my fingertips.

bobbi brown corrector after

All I need is a little powder on top, and I’m all set for the day!

I really like this product and recommend it to those who suffer with severe dark circles, or those who want to just look a little more awake in the morning!

I will be repurchasing this product when I run out, and I’m interested in trying some of their pinker (Bisque) shades to really brighten up my under-eyes.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown Corrector? What’d you think? I’m also very interested in trying Bobbi Brown Concealers. Do you recommend any??

10 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Light Peach Corrector Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. I use my Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer every day and I especially love the corrector. I use the color “light bisque” which is a light pink color. I love love love it! ♥ It covers my dark under eye circles and brightens the entire area.
    Great review! 🙂


  2. I'm on the hunt for a good concealer. No matter what I use, I can't seem to hide the dark circle under my left eye! Argh! I am a medium dark in MAC's MSF Natural… I might have to give this concealer a try! 🙂


  3. I use Mac NW30 but does no cover my dark circles under the eyes. Can I try Bobbi Brown, will it completely cover my very dark circles. Please need an ungetn reply. Thanks


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  5. i got light peach yesterday.i'm yellow skined.(Asian)so thats work for me but just little bit…still see the dark under my eyes,ho…..

    this is my steps
    1.eyes cream

    so…i need some advice
    thank you


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