Flash from the past. Hair History. BLONDE, REDHEAD, BRUNETTE. (Pic Heavy)

Doing a hair history was a popular request that I never got around to because I would have to dig through cds and find old pictures.. and I figured it would take a lot of time. Well, all I was going to do was post a picture of me with blonde hair to show what it looked like.. and I figured.. heck. Let me just do my whole history.

So this is my story. A couple of years ago I had a full head of blonde highlights. When I would go for a touch up, they would add more.. so I had a ton of blonde in my hair. At the time, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go completely blonde since the majority of my hair was already blonde. They ended up using a highlighting cap. Which was a little odd to me.. I don’t know why they didn’t use foil so they can just grab the darker hair. And 2nd, it was odd because I was dying my hair one color. But what do I know, I’m not a professional. But, they used foil and pulled hair out of every one of the holes until they had just about all of my hair. I had no idea what they did, all I know was they were bleaching it and put me under the drier and when it was time to get the cap off my head, they couldn’t. All of my hair was in knots and they had to cut it out of my hair. My hair was the consistency of straw. This got me extremely nervous. But they didn’t seem too worried so I tried to stay at ease. They put more junk in my hair and I went back under the drier. Then, my hair was orange and they washed my hair and put a toner in my hair.. and let it sit for around an hour (yes, my neck was sitting on the salon sink for one hour) then they deep conditioned and blow dried. This whole process took 5 HOURS! And it cost me almost $300. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. The consistency of my hair was not at all soft though. It was very coarse feeling. Every time I brushed it my hair was breaking off. I decided to buy Mane N Tail Shampoo and Conditioner and deep condition my hair all of the time. This shampoo completely washed the blonde out my hair. I had turned into a strawberry blonde/redhead in less than a month. I didn’t know any better at the time, but I could of just purchased a small bottle of toner at Sally’s and put it in my hair for 10 dang minutes and I would of been platinum. But I acted on impulse and wanted the orange gone. I dyed my hair black. 😦 *Sigh* So I was blonde for one month only. I loved it for the short amount of time but having blonde hair anyway is probably too high maintenance for me. I would have to touch it up every couple of weeks.. and yuck. I absolutely dread dying my hair. It’s such a chore to me. I’m really sad because at the time of my hair being blonde, my computer crashed and I lost all of my pictures.. and I had some pretty awesome pictures. 😦 I only have a few as a reminder.

Here is my hair in 12th grade. My hair was all the way down my back. When I put my head back, it would reach my bum. Gahh I miss it so much.

For Easter that same year, while I was at Church my hair caught on fire (I was holding a candle and when I turned my head it caught a bit of my hair and the hairspray in my hair probably ignited it. The priest put my hair out. How embarrassing. I went to the bathroom and cried because chunks of my hair was falling out.. it was all charred and smelled like burnt hair. ew. So I cut a lot off. It came to above my chest.

My graduation dinner

Then, I went black for the first time.

It was VERY black. Too black.

Then I started getting lots of highlights. In the 2nd picture I was messing around with red temporary dye.

More blonde

And dun dun dun.. Completely blonde!

I use to ALWAYS make this face. I think I got it from Christine Dolce. It was my GRR face. haha

I think all of the picture of my redhead/strawberry blonde stage got lost. 😦

But here is me fooling around with Red Temporary color!! hahah!

Yes, yes. I know, I’m so hardcore.

Then, I dyed my hair black again and added in some Sally’s Satin Strand Extensions.

After that, pretty much I kept up with the black/dark brown hair and extensions. Then, for one year I didn’t do any coloring.. until I got some highlights last March.

25 thoughts on “Flash from the past. Hair History. BLONDE, REDHEAD, BRUNETTE. (Pic Heavy)

  1. OMG to be honnest you look GORGEOUS with every colors I am so Jealous lol the third one is my favorite color for you but the last one is crazy hot too lol dilema dilema !!!


  2. You looked great with every single color Natty! It almost seems like you had a different persona with each color. I love the pic of you at your graduation dinner…your hair and makeup was flawless!


  3. Wow, you are divine in all your pics!!! I wished I looked 10% as good as you in High School!! When I was in HS (bare in mind I'm class of '01) makeup was totally different, super THIN eyebrows were all the rave, lol – Not a good look on anyone, I wished they would all grow back now 😦


  4. HI! You look great in all colors. I live in Madison, WI and visit Chicago once in awhile, where is a cool place to buy Nars Sheer Glow? Need it, love it!


  5. you pulled off all colors very well, and in each one your hair looked amazing – i could see damage in most people but not in yours. looked healthy..

    and i knew ive seen you somewhere before, i've seen you post that red hair/purple eye makeup pic in i think it was… myspace makeup group? one of those. lol.


  6. You can seriously rock any of those colors and look good! Like J-ezzy said, I wish I looked that good in high school! (My ten year reunion is this year… I feel old! LOL!) Back then, I wore black eyeshadow almost all the way up to my eyebrows and only penciled in the second half of my brows. Gross!

    You are so pretty! You should model… Seriously!



  7. Wow! Every look looks great on you. I love how your looks on the 5th Pic! What colors do you have or how can i get that look? Ive always wanted my hair like that but never got the guts to do it. Once im at the hair salon i don't know how to explain them what exactly i want done. Can you help me please!! Oh by the way whats your natural hair color??




    I LOVE that red color! You look awesome all punked out. I liked the black color too. You looked like a cute Cholita. lol.


  9. yes, what is the colors you have in your hair with the highlights is it just the black with lots of blonde highlights and was it done with a cap or foil really like it planning to get my hair done like that been searching soo many images and yours is by far the best I've seen


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