Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review, Photos & Swatches!

revlon photoready foundation review

 Revlon Photoready Makeup

There has been a huge hype about the new Revlon Photo Ready Foundation lately. A lot of people have compared it to Make Up Forever HD Foundation because its good photographing capabilities. Revlon Photoready Foundation claims to look airbrushed in any lighting, with light reflecting pigments to erase all of your flaws. It’s also said to provide complete coverage, yet with a natural finish.
Revlon Photoready Foundation is available in twelve (12) shades:  Ivory, Vanilla, Shell, Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Cool Beige, Golden Beige, Rich Ginger, Caramel, Cappuccino and Mocha. 

I was pretty torn between choosing #006 Medium Beige or #008 Golden Beige. Before going to the store, I had it in my head that I was going to purchase Golden Beige. But, when I actually looked at the bottles, Medium Beige looked darker and more yellow. Golden Beige looked more neutral and beige. So, I ended up choosing #006 Medium Beige. It’s a good color match for my MAC NC40 skin tone. I’m sure it can match MAC NC35-37 coloring as well. 
revlon photoready foundation review

Revlon Photoready Makeup in Medium Beige 

(You can see the shimmer in the bottle)

The consistency is very light and creamy. It’s a bit runny, so it spreads across the skin very well without a primer, and I rarely ever have to go back for additional product after buffing the foundation into my skin.
The coverage is a good medium that is buildable. It hides the majority of my flaws, evens out my complexion and makes my face glowy and airbrushed. It dries to a semi-matte that isn’t at all dull.
revlon photoready foundation medium beige swatch
 Swatch of Revlon Photoready Makeup in Medium Beige
As for the “light reflecting pigments” AKA shimmer particles, the reviews for this aspect of the foundation are pretty mixed. I;m sure it depends a lot on your coloring and skin type whether or not it’s going to show. Many people said its overly shimmery, and others said they didn’t notice any shimmer whatsoever. When I swatched the color on my wrist and really blended it into my skin, I can visibly see lots of shimmer. More shimmer than I’ve ever seen in a foundation. Once applied to my face, I didn’t any shimmer unless I’m looking at my face close-up in the sunlight, or hours later when my foundation starts to get a little shiny and fade, the shimmer appears. I don’t think I mind it too much, but I think sometimes shimmer can work against you if you apply too much, and I think there is just too much in this foundation. I think if Revlon cut out half of the shimmer, It’d be a much better foundation.
The lasting power is good. It lasts me a full day with minor fading. I do get shiny after a few hours, but it’s no oil slick, so I’ll just make sure to dust my face with a little setting powder. One thing I’ve noticed is that after a few hours, the foundation looks darker on my face than when it was first applied. I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but it continuously happens with me, so I think if I do re-purchase this foundation, I may re-purchase it in a lighter shade, for when I’m less tan.
It’s pretty good for a drugstore foundation. Right now I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5. I will keep you updated with what I think about this! I’m going to wear it for a few more days. I purchased this foundation at ULTA for $13.99.

Here’s me at work today wearing Revlon PhotoReady

Update: I love the way this foundation looks when it’s first applied, but I don’t love the way my face looks a few hours later. I find that the color oxidizes a little bit and in the daylight, my face looks orange. This foundation has great coverage and a pretty finish, but it’s not HG material for me mostly due to the oxidation. I will probably finish up the bottle, but I’m unsure if I’d re-purchase it. I wouldn’t say this is a must-have and I wouldn’t say it’s a bad foundation. If you find this foundation for a very good price.. try it out for yourself! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

22 thoughts on “Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review, Photos & Swatches!

  1. Awww, you look so great!! I too picked up 006, but I'm NW30 =/ I hope I don't look like a idiot with this color on (I can't always tell) I'll do a post soon enough, lol.

    Great review, I hope to hear a follow up review if anything changes 😀


  2. I'm glad you were able to try this foundation out! I gave it a 4/5 on my review too…the 008 color is a bit beigy on me but I know the 006 would've been waaay too light. It looks fantastic and flawless on you Natty!


  3. I agree with what you said, I also experienced shimmer in my shade, wasnt TOO bugged by it but wouldn't wear it everyday for that reason. the photos do tend to look good even with the spf which confuses me lol


  4. The foundation looks really nice on you! Thanks for the review, I was thinking about buying this. I wasn't aware that it had shimmer, but since I have oily skin I don't think the shimmer would be too flattering. Thanks again : )


  5. Ugh. You know what, I think I'll go back and buy Medium Beige based on your review. I got Golden Beige and it was a tad too warm in a bad way on my skin. Glad it's working out for you. I wore it for a few days before I returned it. I've got some craters on my face from bad acne and I'm not sure if the sparkle sparkle will accentuate it. But I really want it to work for me so I think I'll give it another whack!

    Did you change something here. Only two posts are popping up o_0


  6. looks wonderful on you! I hated this product, mainly because I couldnt find a color match after trying 3 different bottles! 😦
    But I heard that the full line is coming out in March, so maybe they will have more shades then??
    Thanks so much for the review!!


  7. Great review! Thank you! I will not be getting this now 🙂
    You look amazing in your picture – as always, but I don't want shimmer all over my face. I'd rather use a highlighter on my high points.


  8. I agree this foundation looks great in photographs. looks kinda airbrushed finish I love it except for that darn glitter. I noticed it right away on mine. I tried to love it, but I also failed to find my shade.:(


  9. this foundation melts in the sun and looks darker a one hour's very shimmery not natural.i think it's good in winter


  10. any updates? did you return it? I can only wear bareminerals so it sucks since I am sensitive and break out with many products. I have tried laura mercier and tarte minerals with great success! I just bought Neutrogena even though I have stayed away from drug store products for a long long time now but I go tthe healthy skinf oundation and I have a strong feeling it will make me break out but I will try it for a few days to find out. Have you tried Fit me? How can you compare fit me to neutrogena if so? I have dry acne prone skin =/


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