Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Review & Giveaway!

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

So, I’m sure you all have recently seen this little white bottle with the red cap all over beauty blogs. I have at least. I was sent this lotion a few weeks ago to test out and review from Skin MD.

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion is a lightweight, non greasy and hydrating sheiding lotion that can be used on the hands and body. It is said to actually strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, offering additional protection from toxins, irritants, & other skin drying substances while helping to retain skin’s own natural oils. 
  • Vegan
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-Free
  • No parabens or colorants

What makes this shielding lotion more effective than other lotions out there?

“Conventional lotions are only effective in the short-term by adding artificial moisture to the skin in an effort to replace natural moisture. The problem is that they are very easily removed and need to be reapplied continuously. This sends a signal to the moisture producing parts of the skin that enough moisture is in present, while in reality the skin doesn’t produce enough moisture to resolve a dry skin problem. Skin responds to this message by decreasing moisture production and thus becomes addicted to the artificial moisturizer. If the lotion stops being reapplied, the skin can go through a phase of getting even drier than before the first application of an artificial moisturizer (conventional moisturizing lotion). Additionally, conventional lotions sit on the surface of the skin, may be greasy or sticky, thus attracting dirt that may contribute to clogged pores.”

During winter, my hands get incredibly dry – especially my knuckles. I usually use scrubs and apply heavy moisturizers at night and hand creams throughout the day, but the problem is, I wash my hands SO many times a day, that I’m continuously washing off my moisturizer & re-applying it. So I was excited to give this lotion a try.

The directions are to apply a small amount every 2-8 hours until moisture level improves. Then, just once every 12-24 hours.

The consistency of the moisturizer is very thin and runny. Within seconds of applying this, my hands feel slippery, but they soak up the moisture completely. My hands don’t feel oily or greasy. They don’t give a silky feeling like a regular lotion may because there is no residue. It dries completely. But, I can feel that my hands are slightly softer with each application, and I really like the cooling, satiny feeling this lotion gives while application.

I tested this out by applying it to my hands and then washing my hands right after. The moisturizer didn’t rinse off my hands. My hands stayed moisturized. Yay!

I mainly have been using this on my face (you can use it on your face, body & hands) as a moisturizer before my foundation. I prefer this more for a facial moisturizer rather than a hand/body moisturizer because I don’t have the patience to apply lotion to my hands so many times throughout the day. I like applying Vaseline or very heavy creams to my hands at night and wear moisture gloves and get rid of the dryness in one shot.

For my face, I like light, runny moisturizers rather than heavy creams because I don’t like my face getting greasy. So for me, this stuff is perfect for my face. Its very light and makes my face feel very fresh and prepped for an even makeup application. It hasn’t broken me out. It actually reminds me A LOT of Laura Gellar’s Spackle Primer ($25 for 2 fl oz) which happens to be an old favorite of mine.

The Verdict: I do like this stuff, but a this time I’m unsure If I would re-purchase it. Mainly because I always manage to get my hands on GWP (Gift with purchase) moisturizers and I use a lot of generics. It’s $18 (4 oz) which isn’t bad for a facial moisturizer. Time will tell with this stuff. Once I run out of it, I may want more. 🙂

Now, it’s your turn to try SkinMD Natural! One person will receive a full sized bottle to see for themselves!

1) You have be a follower of my blog
2) Post a comment what your all time favorite/s moisturizer is! I’d love to hear what you guys use & love!

I’m thinking this contest will end Friday at 12AM Central US Time. If this happens to change, I’ll keep you posted!

33 thoughts on “Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Review & Giveaway!

  1. My facial moisturiser changes every time i run out, but for my body i cant get enough of Yes To Carrots C Through The Dry Spell Deliciously Rich Body Butter. its a bit of a mouthful to say but its all natural, which i love and makes my skin really soft! x


  2. This lotion sounds amazing. I have been using Differin on my face for the past month and it has made my normally super oily skin super dry and when it gets cold and windy my face gets chapped and horrible. My moisturizer doesn't seem to be holding up to it. I normally use Clinique Continuous Rescue Antioxidant moisturizer for oily skin. It's great!!!! It adds plenty of moisture to the dry spots but doesn't make my skin oily at all. It just doesn't seem to be strong enough now that I use the Differin. Thanks for the review!! 🙂



  3. Hey gorgeous!! I'm a happy follower of yours :] I unfortunately cannot afford expensive skincare items and havent had the opportunity to try any but would LOVE to try this out! My favorite mositurizer that I have actually tested/used(not just used onc but for awhile to actually notice a difference)would have to be Wei East White Lotus. Ive been out of it for over a year and only had one bottle of it but it was some amazing stuff when it comes to bringing moisture back into your skin and smelled fantastic (light natural scent of a white lotus). On the regualr I have to use Olay Complete which is good but stings my eyes for whatever reason- maybe the SPF in it? Im not sure! THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY DOLL! GOODLUCK to everyone who has entered! Best wishes and take care! ♥


  4. Hey Natalie! This moisturizer sounds absolutely fabulous I mean, anything that keeps the dirt and yucky stuff out of my pores to prevent my sensitive skin to not make me even more of a pizza face is good in my book! Hah, with that being said one moisturizer I am currently using is Clean & Clear's Morning Glow Moisturizer. It has not irritated my skin and it has a subtle shimmer to it that seems to brighten my face a bit. Only problem is, the moisture doesn't seem to last that long under my makeup 😦 if I had dry skin in my nose prior to applying it goes away once applied but comes back within hours 😦 Thanks for the review hon, stay gorgeous!!! -Angela


  5. I'm going to have to agree with the ladies above me and say Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. It goes on smoothly and is great for my sensitive oily skin..i just started using it and im in love with it <3

    P.S. omg we have the same background! haha


  6. My all-time favorite moisturizer for my combination skin WAS the Clean & Clear SOFT line's Day and Night Moisturizers…but they discontinued them! D:< Right now I'm using Yes to Tomatoes Totally Tranquil Hydrating Lotion, which I do like, but it seems awfully pricy ($13 for 1.7oz of product?)


  7. ohhh i've been hearing so much about this stuff!! id love to review this stuff myself! Currently I alternate between 2 different moisturizers; I use Oil Of Olay for combo skin, which I have been using since I was pretty young because my mom is an OG Oil of Olay lover! haha she swears by the stuff and her skin is pretty amazing so theres no way I wouldnt be using it as well! When I cant get my hands on Oil of Olay or just want a little mix up I use the target brand Up&UP Moisturizer which is super cheap but works super good as well.


  8. My favorite moisturizer is actually a few things. I wash my face every night with extra virgin olive oil and spray on Evian Brumisateur, put a warm to hot washcloth on my face and that's it, no need for any lotions. On days when I'll be outside for long I use the Dove moisturizer with SPF.


  9. My favorite moisturizer is Nivea. Its super thick and is such a big help during the dry winter months. I am very interested in trying Skin MD. Have a wonderful day(:


  10. I love using Nivea Cream 🙂 the classic one in the blue jar. I have dabbled in so many other moisturizers and I always come back to this one because I can control the coverage, and the jar lasts abut 1 year =)


  11. My absolute favorite moisturizer is CeraVe lotion. It's one of the few moisturizers that actually sink in SUPER quickly & moisturizes like it claims.



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