My New Nicole Lee USA Handbag!

I was shopping today at TJMaxx with my friend and ran across a few cute bags. I ended up buying one that I really liked. It’s by Nicole Lee and it was $39.99. I don’t really ever purchase synthetic bags, but I really liked the style and color of this one. The color is a peach pink (which is one of my favorite colors) In the following pictures it looks a little lighter. I took a look at the website and there are a ton of cute bags!
A lot of them are kind of expensive though for synthetic leather. I definitely wouldn’t pay nearly $100. I can’t wait to wear this one! 🙂

20 thoughts on “My New Nicole Lee USA Handbag!

  1. Now that I think about it.. it totally was TJMaxx I just remembered I was looking at Jewelry too but only TJMaxx has the jewelry counter. LOL i always get tjmaxx and marshalls mixed up. I never know which store I'm in because they look the same.


  2. You have great taste in bags! You probably have an awesome collex…I checked out the website and omg some of those bags are ADORABLE. I am really liking the pink one under new arrivals with all the zippers (too bad about some of the prices!)


  3. I bought a Nicole Lee bag at Winners (Canadian equivalent to TJMaxx) and when I looked up the prices thought the exact same thing! Not worth 100$ but definitely worth 40$! You found a beauty!


  4. What a fierce and edgy bag!! I absolutely love big roomy bags…I always carry around tons of junk. LOL. I saw a picture of Beyonce with a very similar bag a few months ago and I thought it was so cute!


  5. Now THAT is value for less. I commend the brand for coming up with great designs and making it so affordable. In Japan, Nicole Lee usually costs about $60.


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