FOTD, and very bouncy curls! :)

I wanted to do something a little different with my hair. So, when I got out of the shower, I applied a little Sebastian Wet Hair Gel and let my hair air dry. Once it dried, I took a 1″ barrel and took thin sections of hair (about a 1/4-1/2 wide) and twisted the strand and wrapped it tightly around the barrel. I held it for around 5 seconds each and did that for all of my hair. It gives my hair a really pretty defined, wavy curl instead of a “lock” that clamping my hair in the barrel would. I finished it off with a few spritz of Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Hair Spray. Because my hair is naturally curly, my hair held the shape of the curls from the iron so well. I actually did my hair last night and went to sleep with it and I didn’t have to touch it up all day! I’ll be doing this more often (and add in my extensions).

Here’s whats on my face-

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sheer Moisture Cream spf30
Make Up Forever HD Foundation #128
MAC Select Cover-up NW25
Make Up Forever HD Powder (I’ve been trying this out.. I don’t really like it)
MAC Fad-dabulous Mineralize Blush
Chanel Bronze Universel

Stila Black Smudge Pot
MAC Typographic Eyeshadow
Cargo TexasLash Mascara
MAC Vanilla Pigment (In the corners of my eyes)
Cargo Reversible Lip Pencil (On my waterline)
Ardell 111’s (Cut in half)

MAC Oak Lip Liner Pencil
Smashbox Sand Lip Gloss
Cargo Reverible Lip Liner (used to define the shape of my lips)

36 thoughts on “FOTD, and very bouncy curls! :)

  1. Thanks Everyone!
    Amira – I don't know.. it's weird. Every time I use it, it makes my makeup look worse. I don't know if its the silicone texture or what. And the powder is so thin that every time I apply it to my face.. the powder gets all smokey and its like applying puffs of smoke to my face. I've been wanting to review it for a long time. I bought it when I got Sheer Glow but I never reach for it because Its soo messy and blah.


  2. You look absolutely amazing Natalie! ❤ Not a fan of hd powder either..can't really explain it but my skin doesn't look like good 'skin' after applying it..I think you and I look better with curly/big hair..better for our face shape or something..xoxxo


  3. Your hair is so big and full of volume!! Gorgeous hair and makeup Natty! (what's new, I've never seen you less than perfect!)

    Have you tried MAC Prep+Prime Translucent Finishing Powder? I loooove it and it works well with my combination skin.


  4. When it comes to hair, the bigger the better, I say! I haven't tried wrapping my hair around the barrel of my curling iron, but I want to… It made your hair look full and pretty! Do you tease your hair? I do it every day! I think my husband and I need to move to Texas. Me and my big hair will fit in there! LMBO!

    Thanks for sharing the details on how you achieved this look! You look gorgeous, as usual!


  5. You have such lovely white teeth! I got mine whitened in a beauty salon the other day but it didn't make much difference. Do you use any particular products on yours or are you just blessed with naturally pearly white teeth?? 🙂


  6. You look flawless. Do you have naturally thick hair? Because you always have the best volume. I wish my hair was thicker, but because it's so long it is always weighed down. Teasing is the only way I can get super BIG hair.


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