Sigma Professional Brushes Eye Kit Review & Eye Shadow! Lots of Photos!

Sigma Professional Brushes Eye Kit
“7 professional quality brushes for the eye. Perfect to apply, shade, blend, and dust the eye with color and texture.”- Sigma makeup

Click HERE to view the product description for these brushes. It explains what each brush is intended for.

I was SO excited to receive these brushes in the mail. I don’t own many brushes and I don’t make brush purchases very often, but new brushes are so exciting for me. Having a good quality brush makes me feel better about applying my makeup. As I’m sure it does for everybody. I’ve always been interested in trying Sigma brushes because I’ve heard so many bloggers RAVE about these and they’re much more affordable than high-end brushes (MAC, Sephora, Etc). Onto my review!
Review: The first thing I noticed about these brushes are the QUALITY. Just from having them in my hands, the handle is so sturdy and heavier than all of my drugstore/cheapie brushes. They feel pretty much identical to a MAC brush. The shape of the handle is exactly the same as the MAC brushes as well. (All of the Sigma brushes correspond to the MAC brush #’s) They are very easy to handle and don’t get in the way of application. The 1st brush I tried out was the SS266 (Small Angle Brush) I started using it to apply my every day cream eye liner (I’ve been using Stila Black Smudgepot) and I use it to blend my brows after I’ve applied my brow pencil. What I really like about this brush is that you can get a VERY precise line with it. The brush is very dense, but very soft. It doesn’t bend while applying which makes it so much easier to achieve the most pigmentation. I don’t wash it every day.. maybe once a week and I get absolutely no product build up on the brush and it doesn’t harden. I’m not positive if it’s because of the brush or the liner I’m using. I’m impressed. The 2nd brush I tried was the ss219 (pencil brush) which is pretty much identical to the MAC 219. I honestly like the Sigma 219 better. Its slightly smaller and it’s more dense, so my outcome ends up being better. With my MAC brush, it would start to get fluffy and not keep its shape after uses, but this brush keeps its shape. I’ve been using this to blend shadows in my crease or to smudge eyeshadow on my lash line. I LOVE this brush. The next brush I tried (I can’t believe I recall the order of which I tried these.. they were all different days. lol) was the ss252 (Large Shader Brush). I haven’t tried the MAC 252, So I can’t compare them.. but they look exactly the same. I’ve been using this every day to set my concealer under my eyes. After I applied my foundation, I swipe this across my MAC Medium skin finish & BE Well Rested and apply it under my eyes and it smooths the powder on so perfectly. I would usually use my MAC 224 for this, but the ss252 actually works better. It applies a little bit more product (probably because it’s a lot more dense than the MAC 224) I can also see myself using this to apply concealer or to apply an all over color on my lids. I love this brush. Finally, I used the rest of the brushes at the same one day to create a dramatic eyeshadow look. I used the ss239 (Eye Shading Brush) to apply color to my lid (which works very well to build color) & the ss224 (a little bigger than the MAC 224) to blend the color better, ss219 to apply color in my lid crease, the ss275 (Medium Angled Shading Brush) to blend my crease color into the color I applied all over my lid & to apply my highlight. I then used the ss266 to apply my liner on my lash line and the ss209 (Eyeliner Brush) to apply liner to my waterline.

Overall, I am SO happy with these brushes. You can not beat the quality of these for the price. This whole set only costs $39! You can’t even buy 2 MAC brushes for that price. I highly recommend these & when I have a little extra money, I’m 100% going to purchase Sigma’s face brushes.

Also, I have one little review for an eye shadow that was included..

Sigma Indian Girl Eye Shadow

IndianGirl is a shimmery charcoal. Once applied, it has a very slight purplish bluish sheen. The consistency of the eye shadow is finely milled and very soft. The pigmentation is pretty good. It’s not super pigmented, but its also not too sheer. I would recommend using a base or applying this wet for extra pigmentation. I would compare it to a NYX single eye shadow. I’ve been using this a lot lately as an eye liner with a small brush or as a daytime subtle smokey eye (not all over my lid, just smudged into my lash line). I would be interested in trying other shades.
Have you tried anything from Sigma!? Please Share!

8 thoughts on “Sigma Professional Brushes Eye Kit Review & Eye Shadow! Lots of Photos!

  1. I just received the Pro brushes complete kit w/roll in the mail today, I'd been tracking it every 6 hours…that's how bad I've wanted these brushes (truly wanted them forever, at least a year)! I reallllly want the SS197 (new, similar to the new MAC brush, 130 I think) and the new brushes that came out yesterday, argh. I haven't tried them yet since I have to wash them first. I'll def be doing a review on them!

    Great post!


  2. BTW – I am glad to see your review on the e/s, I had heard from other bloggers that they were so pigmented that they couldn't handle it! HA

    I'd like to hear the staying power though 😉


  3. I love these brushes.. I got the full set not too long ago. I'm sure that you will love the face brushes as well, they are all great quality! Not sure that I would purchase the ES's but who knows… the one you have in indian girl is a really pretty shade.


  4. God, I need these very bad ! I heard so many good things about these brushes !! And I am also dying for the IndianGirl shadow I love that kind of brownish taupish silverish =) it's gorgeous !


  5. I just got the eyes kit, too! I am in love with every brush! I was using some drugstore brushes before that, when added up, cost almost as much as these. I plan to get the full set eventually, too.

    Indian Girl is so pretty! That is the prettiest color they sell, IMHO! I have yet to try any of their shadows… The neutral kit and blush kit are also on my wish list.

    Great review!


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