NARS Duo Concealer Review!

nars duo concealer review

Nars Duo Concealer

Nars Duo Concealer is a cream compact concealer containing two shades in order to create your perfect color match. I have the Custard/Ginger Duo, which contains Custard (yellow-undertone for light to medium complexions) and Ginger (golden undertone for medium complexions). It’s the perfect duo for my MAC NC40 skin tone. I believe it’s best suited for NC30-NC40 skintones. 

*The lighter shade (left) is Custard and the darker shade is Ginger (right).

Two complementary shades suit variations in skin tone: The lighter shade brings brightness to the eye area, while the darker shade can be blended directly onto the skin to obscure imperfections and dark spots. 

All-day, crease-proof wear; easily blendable for a flawless finish. 

Long-wearing Enriched with moisturizing Vitamin E

The texture different than any of my other cream concealers. Because it’s a cream, you’d expect it to be dense, creamy and thick. It’s creamy – yes, but it’s very lightweight and has a powdery feel once applied. A very familiar texture if you use silicone based products.

nars custard ginger concealer swatches

I find it necessary to moisturize my under-eyes before applying the concealer because the concealer is a bit dry, and a moisturizer helps it smooth on the skin and blend easier.

I like using my fingers to apply this concealer the best, as my body heat warms the product up well, and helps it blend on my skin better. It blends easily without being or looking heavy/cakey. The finish is very natural.

The coverage is medium and buildable. My under-eye darkness is completely concealed as the yellow tones in the concealer cancels out the purple tones under my eyes. I like applying the lighter shade first, and apply my foundation and then go back and apply the darker color in order for it to blend with my foundation color well.

nars concealer

It’s very easy to make the mistake of using too much product at once because it’s so incredibly light and because of the way it disappears into the skin, it doesn’t look like much is applied.

I’ve apparently made the mistake too often, because within a month of use, I reached the pan. Now I have stopped using it every day and I’ve only been using it sparingly. Other than it running out so easily, I don’t have any other complaints. I do set this with a powder and I didn’t notice any creasing.

Although I think this is a great concealer, $30 is way too much to spend on a concealer that won’t last for more than two months. As far as cream concealer goes, I’ll be sticking with MAC Studio Finish Concealer, which is half of the price, and lasts much longer.

Has anyone tried this concealer? What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “NARS Duo Concealer Review!

  1. I got this concealer when it was one of sephora's specials for $10. I'm around NC37 and it's perfect. I apply it with my finger just like you, it was hopeless trying to apply it with a brush. I think it does the job but there are better concealers out there, at least for me. Great review of the product btw!


  2. Yeah, with the texture.. its impossible to apply it with a brush. I agree that for the price at least, there is/are better concealers out there. $10 was a steal and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it for that price. What is your fav. concealer, if you don't mind me asking? 🙂


  3. Uhmmm well for under eye concealers, My fav is the Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer in medium ( which supposedly is kinda close to yves saint laurent touche eclat, although I can't personally back that up cause I haven't tried it). It doesn't setting into any lines and definitely has a brightening effect =) but sometimes I use the age defying moisturizing concealer or the cargo One base concealer too. Sorry for babbling on Nat!


  4. I've always wanted to try this! I'm sad I missed the sale when it was $10 a Sephora. I would definitely give it a try if it ever goes on sale again. $30 is a lot for a concealer to begin with especially if it doesn't last more than a month. Thanks for the review! 🙂


  5. I hate this concealer =(. I also got it when It was $10 at Sephora. The texture just wasn't creamy enough. Concealers I like right now are the Amazing Cosmetics one and Eve Pearl's Salmon Concealer.


  6. I also love this concealer duo! I got it when Sephora had it on clearance for $10 and I wish I had purchased a back up because $30 is a lot to dish out for a concealer but I LOVE it so I might have to buy it again. I love the creaminess texture of it. I hit pan on mine as well:( so I'm trying to use it sparingly.


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