What’s your favorite summertime foundation?

I’ve been so tired lately of applying my liquid foundation every single day. I’ve been alternating between NARS Sheer Glow & Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk which are my favorites for every day. But I’ve been feeling like I want to switch it up and let my skin breathe a little more. Lately I’ve been using Korres Wild Rose Foundation. I’m really liking Korres Wild Rose as a summertime foundation. It applies well with the fingers and although it’s sheer.. it evens out my skin tone and made my skin look very fresh and radiant. And, its VERY lightweight. I’ll definitely be reaching more for it since it’s starting to get so hot out.. Today it was 90 degrees!

My HG summer foundation last year was Make Up Forever Face & Body Foundation. It’s a great foundation as well, but I wasn’t satisfied with my color match. Also, I’ve gotten a hold of MAC Face and Body.. but its too sheer for me. It’s good to mix with foundations to thin them out. Whats your favorite summertime foundation? I’ll probably be going to Sephora this week to browse around. 🙂

I wore it today.. (lighting was a little weird..)

I was opening a bottle of perfume.. lol

19 thoughts on “What’s your favorite summertime foundation?

  1. OOohh I am definitely checking out the wild rose now! It makes your skin look great! I would rec. a foundation for summer, but I am currently on the lookout as well, so far the clinique acne solutions is holding up nicely.. it's actually very lightweight for being a full cov. foundation, but I want something a little more sheer/luminous.


  2. I want to try shiseido sun protection so bad! But there's only a few color choices? I swatched the shade that's suppose to work for me but I don't think it was yellow enough.


  3. I love how Shiseido lasts on my face, and I have very oily skin. You should definitely give it a try, though the color shades are a bit weird. Let me know what you think 🙂


  4. Never tried this foundation. I wish MAC still made their Select Tint 15 Tinted Moisturizer…it seriously was THE best foundation for summer. I have one half bottle left and I've been using it sparingly…:(

    You look so beautiful in these pictures! Your skin looks flawless and I love how rich your hair looks 🙂


  5. Now I wanna try shiseido and Korres Rose (which I've heard rave reviews on). I didn't really start wearing liquid foundation until last fall, so I def need to go to the shiseido store up the street to try it out and sephora for korres! The korres looks great on you!!


  6. I may have to try the Korres Wild Rose foundation. But for now, my go to summer foundation is definitely bareMinerals. I give my MAC Sutdio Fix Fluid a rest durring the summer and just stick with bareMinerals because it is so lightweight, I don't have to reapply throughout the day even if I sweat ad it gives a really nice summery glow which I love.



  7. I love that foundation on you.. it gives you that natural dewy glowing look… it's ridiculous how gorgeous u r!! I love your hair accessories… where do u get them??

    anyhow, when u get the chance, if u like… check out my blog too… I'd for you to be one of my few followers… =) thanks!!!



  8. okay your skin looks AMAZING!!!
    I have a request, girl can you please (on bended knee here 🙂 please do a tutorial or video on how you do your flawless makeup.
    I am new with this whole foundation makeup application thing and not to mention a total clutz but I would love to see how you do your makeup.
    love your blog, recommendations and reviews, can't wait to see more.
    mami of tres 3


  9. I'm so glad you posted this! I've been looking for a foundation for the summer! I love my MUFE HD foundation right now but I'm guessing it'll be too heavy once it starts getting hot. Last summer I was using Laura Mercier's Oil-Free TM but I'll definitely check out Korres now! Thanks! Soo Jin from abeautyfullday.com


  10. I tried my sisters face and body for the first time the other day and i was quiet pleased. I put one layer on and then waited for that to dry before applying another and it gave me enough coverage to be satisfied.

    I was toying with buying korres wild rose foundation a little while ago for the summer.


  11. You always wear the cutest clothes and accessories! I absolutely LOVE that bow! I am so boring and conservative; I never wear anything fun like that!

    I am in love with Korres products. I don't wear foundation, but if I did, I'd probably get theirs! I got a sample of the rose body butter you were sent; it smells SO good. I don't normally like rose scented products, but it smelled amazing!


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