Kardashian Tanning Gel?

Kardashian Glamour Tan Self Tanning Gel
I didn’t know the Kardashian sisters had launched a tanning line until I was searching the editors picks on Sephora.com. Apparently it hit stores on May 19th and there are already several reviews. The price is $34. Eh, a little over priced if you ask me. But, it is a little tempting.. considering I’m a self tan fanatic. The reviews are mixed.. but overall pretty good. I may pick up a tube this week.

Product Info:
– A clear, odorless, non staining self tanning gel that allows you to get a glamourous and natural bronze tan for the face and body without dangerously exposing yourself to the sun. Not only does this gel deliver a natural looking tan, but its designed to uniquely moisturize with antioxidants and vitamin D.

Click here to view the product at Sephora.com
Interesting. I have a strong feeling this stuff is going to be like Jergen’s Natural Glow.. they state that there are no harsh chemicals.. but chemicals in self tanner is not really an issue to me. I can deal with self tanner odor as long as I get a nice, browned tan. Also, not sure about the colorless aspect.. I think when its colorless, its easier to miss a spot. I’m still debating whether to pick this up or not. I probably will anyway. But, $34?? Come on Kardashians.. I love you guys and all.. but your name isn’t that big to be charging that much.
What are your thoughts??

23 thoughts on “Kardashian Tanning Gel?

  1. I hadn't heard they were releasing this!I'm always dubious about celeb products though because sometimes they don't live up to what you would expect. Celebs have to careful about what they put their names to. I would be willing to try it though (only if they were giving away their bikini bodies with it though!) ha ha


  2. too much money! especially when you can use brands like sun lab and st tropez for around that cost depending on the size of the bottle you get…but who knows, maybe this product is great? ha


  3. I was debating getting this as well, but like you said, there were mixed reviews on sephora and again, $34……..that's a bit much, but if you get it be sure to let us know how it works! 🙂


  4. I was tempted to pick this up and review it myself… maybe i should wait until you review it and tell me if it's good or bad lol $34 is def too much. I'd rather just spend a few extra dollars and get St. Tropez.


  5. i wasn't so shocked when i heard the price since s.t tropez goes for around 34 $ and its the kardashians of course they'll sell it for as much as they can.


  6. The new page looks cute!

    I'm so sad… I went to Sephora the other day and they have stopped carrying St. Tropez! My Ulta didn't have it either! The Sephora SA was trying to sell Lindsey Lohan's tanner to me, but that girl looks orange all the time! LOL! I think I'd have to see some real reviews with some before and afters before I'd try the Kardashian girls' product.


  7. Sunless tanning products contain the active ingredient, DHA or dihydroxyacetone. Some are produced synthetically while organic tanners usually derive their DHA from vegetable sources. The DHA when applied in the form of a cream, lotion or even spray combines with our epidermis or outer skin layer cells and it will temporarily darken the skin, thus creating the appearance of a tan.

    Spray Tan Adelaide


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