Back Home!

Hey Everyone!

I arrived back in Chicago today after a long, long 2.5 weeks in Las Vegas. Sadly, I didn’t have internet the whole trip (until the last couple of days.. pffft). I pictured having coffee in the morning and posting day to day pictures and my many experiences/adventures. Well, the hotel I stayed at (Rio) Charged $15 a day or .35 cents a minute for internet. I figured that I would purchase a couple days and lounge around and do the usual.. browse makeupalley, check my e-mail, read my fav bloggers latest posts and view f21’s latest arrivals. Well, it didn’t happen one time. *sigh* My last few days we switched hotels which had complimentary high speed internet (Venetian) and I was able to share some pictures with my family.. but that was about it. I’ll have posts to come to share my experiences!

I’m soo happy to be back home 🙂

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