Covergirl Smoky Eye Look Sets Review, Photos and Swatches!

Covergirl Smoky Eye Look

“Become a Make-Up Master and Create a Celebrity Look in 3 Steps”

Covergirl came out with kits to create many variations of the smokey eye. When you hear the words “Smokey Eyes”.. many assume that “Smoke” refers to those sexy, smoldering blacks, gunmetals and grays you see on many celebrities and high fashion ads…

But really, smokey eyes doesn’t necessarily have to mean dark. Smokey describes the actual application of an eye shadow and the way it is blended to create a smudged or “smoked” out look.
Smoke can be any color you want it to be. So don’t limit yourself to only black.. there are so many other gorgeous colors! Personally, brown smokey eyes are my favorite.
There are 3 different Sets to create 3 different looks:
A Glamorous Look
A Bold Look
A Natural Look
Each Set contains:
1 SmokyShadowBlast Cream Shadow Stick
1 Lash Blast Mascara
1 Line Exact Liquid Liner
Step by Step Instructions to guide you through creating your desired look

The Glamorous Look Set contains Onyx Smoke #800 SmokyShadowBlast, Lash Blast Mascara in Black & LineExact Liquid Liner in Black Brown. Onyx Smoke is a dark black with silver flecks of shimmer and on the opposite side is a frosted white.

The Bold Look Set contains SmokyShadowBlast in Tempest Blue #825, Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black & LineExact Liquid Liner in Smoke. Tempest Blue is an ocean blue with a slight frost and on the opposite end is a slightly frosted sky blue.

The Natural Look Set contains SmokyShadowBlast in Bronze Fire #815, Lash Blast Mascara in Brown & LineExact Liquid Liner in Brown. Bronze Fire is a copper bronze with a light shimmer and on the opposite end is a luminous, golden champagne.

The following are swatches of the SmokyShadowBlasts and LineExact Liners (Indoors with flash)

I’m using the Natural Look Kit for a daytime, work-friendly look.

Here is what it looks like so far..

Step 4: Apply LineExact Liquid Liner (I used Brown) to your lash line.

Step 5: Apply Mascara (I used Black instead of Brown)

My Thoughts
First, I’ll talk about the products individually and the actual sets.
The SmokeyShadowBlasts: When I first saw these, I wasn’t sure what to think. I see more and more companies really putting the effort into designing products to make achieving a certain look easier and being more helpful to consumers that don’t know anything about makeup but want to experiment. Now, you see more & more eyeshadow palettes at your local store that has each shadow labeled.. “Lid”, “Crease” & “Highlight” to guide you through the process and of course.. It’s more than one product in one. So technically you save money, right???? Maybe, maybe not. You could very well be overpaying if some components aren’t necessary for your particular needs. So, I was curious to try these.
(I’ll be nicknaming SmokeyShadowBlast as SSB..)
The first SSB I tried was the Onyx Smoke. I tried it towards the middle of the day and I already had eyeshadow on. I applied the black over my shadow on my upperlashline. I was actually pleasantly surprised that it worked very well. The black is pigmented and although its a cream formula, it applied almost like a soft powder.. almost a silicone-like feel to it. It didn’t apply like a harsh, thick liner. I really liked that the shape of the shadow is thin and flat like a lipstick. It makes applying it to the lid very simple. I can pat it gently on my lid for a soft wash of color without having to use a brush or my finger to smooth out any lines. Then, I can use the tip to line under my eyes. I didn’t use the white highlight because I personally don’t like the look of white as a highlight on my skin tone. The color lasted me through the day without getting under my eyes & without smudging.

I next tried the Bronze Fire SSB. Even though I don’t find myself reaching for highlights.. I decided to follow instructions and start with Step 1. I took the highlighter and applied it to my brow bone, lid and corners of my eyes. I was very surprised to see that It gave the prettiest, soft highlight. Perfect for my skin tone. I didn’t even have to blend it. I then created a brown smoky eye (like pictured above.. but a little more intense) and I loved the result!! It is such a flattering shade for my eye color. I’ve been using this almost every day for the past couple of weeks. I love that the product is so convenient and it takes only a minute to do both eyes. My kind of product. 🙂 I even had my best friend buy this shade when we were at Wal-mart because I kept talking about how great it is.
I have not tried the Tempest Blue SSB yet. Blue is a pretty daring color for me.. but I will try it this week and let you know.
Overall, I would repurchase the Bronze Fire SSB. It’s difficult for me to find a flattering highlight and this one is lovely.. and I love the shade of brown. And again, I love how fast and convenient this product is. Although I really liked the Onyx Smoke, I’m unsure at this point if I’d repurchase considering I probably wouldn’t be using the white. I haven’t used it enough to tell yet because I’ve been showing all of my love and attention to Bronze Fire.
I probably wouldn’t recommend this to you if you have oily eyelids.. because It may crease. This hasn’t happened at all to me (I’m not prone to oily lids). I do recommend you to powder your lids before application or even applying it over a light base.
Lash Blast Mascara: This has been my Holy Grail Mascara for some time now. It is the only mascara I purchase over and over again. It gives me full, voluminous lashes, no clumps, no flakes and best of all.. no smudges!
LashExact Liquid Liner Pen: I love the Black Brown & the Brown.. they are almost identical in color except black brown the slightest bit darker (I would call it a true dark brown) and Brown is a little more of a golden brown. They both look great paired with the Bronze Fire SSB. I also like the shade of the smoke liner.. It’s different from anything I have. It’s like a dove grey. Very pretty! I love that the felt tip doesn’t get dried out like other liner pens I’ve used and that its very short so you can have more control. I will use these until they run out but I’m unsure if I’d repurchase them because they do wear off by the end of the day for me. And if I apply eye shadow over the liner, the liner will rub off and I’ll have to apply it again. I do like them, but I prefer a liner that’s a little more heavy duty. I’d be willing to try out a waterproof formula if they have one.
The Smoky Look Sets: I think all of the sets are put together nicely.. and is a great kit for a gift or for a beginner.. or really anyone who loves makeup. The only kit I was a little confused with was the Glamorous Look. It has a black shadow with a Black Mascara and a Brown liquid liner. When I put it all together.. It didn’t look right. I think they could have put the Black liquid liner instead. That’s really my only gripe with the sets. The set costs $16.50 at Wal-Mart.. which is a little over $5 a product. Each product is a little over $7 separately (give or take a little?) So you may be saving a couple dollars on each product by buying the kit. If they are all products you are going to use, It’s a great buy.
I’ll be posting looks with these soon.. 🙂
To read tips and other helpful info, visit
UPDATE: I had to discontinue using these products because they started irritating my eyes. For a while, I didn’t know what was causing my eyes to tear all day long, and I realized it was these. 
Disclaimer: I was sent these products for a free trial. I was not paid to write this review and I am in no way affiliated by Covergirl. My opinions expressed are all based on my personal experience in using the products mentioned.

14 thoughts on “Covergirl Smoky Eye Look Sets Review, Photos and Swatches!

  1. These sets look good!
    The only downside I would point out is that they all include mascara, which is a product that pretty much all of us already own at home. I would have changed it for an eyeshadow primer… But that is my humble opinion.
    On the other hand, you look really pretty and the pictures are high quality!


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  3. You look great! It's been awhile since I have used anything from CG other than their liquid to powder foundation. (I use it as an eye shadow base, believe it or not!) I'll have to check these products out the next time I'm at the drug store. 🙂


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