What’s YOUR favorite beauty book?

I was at Barnes & Noble last week and browsed through the health & beauty/fashion section. Some of them looked very interesting. I unfortunately didn’t have much time to look through all of them, but a few titles rang a bell. I’ve heard a lot about different beauty books, but I’ve never picked any up.

I’d like to get some opinions & recommendations. Are there any MUST HAVES?

I ended up purchasing one book. It is Scott Barnes “About Face”.

When flipping through the pages, I noticed he does lots of contouring with foundations. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do and always wondered.

Contouring arose my curiosity after seeing this picture of Kim Kardashian a while back, with her makeup artist Mario D. I was never able to find information on what exactly he uses or how its done.

I found the book to be very informative, and an overall great read. For me, it was worth it and I can’t wait to try some of the tricks!

Do you have any beauty/makeup books? Did you learn new things? Was it worth it?

14 thoughts on “What’s YOUR favorite beauty book?

  1. I've got 'about face' in my Amazon cart for future purchase! It looks like a great book.

    I've seen that same pic of Kim K and wondered how that works as well.

    Glad to see you are back with so many new posts 🙂


  2. I love 'Face Forward'. Have you seen the picture of Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake? Wow! I loved Kevyn Aucoin… R. I. P.

    I've been wanting to check out that book made especially for Asians. I think it'd be cool to see more looks made especially for us yellows! LOL!


  3. Looks like a good book, I'll have to pop it on my birthday list 🙂

    I have the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, which is very informative. My favourite book is Makeup The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris it has really good pictures and lots of helpful tips. xx


  4. Bobbi Brown has a new book called Living Beauty, it looks really good. Paula Begouns ” Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me” and The Beauty Bible. These books have alot of information on skincare, makeup, insider tricks and puts to rest the hype on some beauty products. These are my holy grail books. Every girl should have these. I have read countless beauty books, I use to sit in Borders book store in the Village in NYC and read books for hours on end. I would would write all the good information and put it in my beauty file. The best beauty magazines are Allure, New Beauty magazine(my bible), Instyle and Glamour. I collect beauty books and magazines, so I know all the best, it's my passion. Sorry for the rant, I'm a beauty fanatic!


  5. Hey, I realise this post is from a while ago, But I only just found your blog and am also a massive fan of Kim Kardashians makeup – she always looks completely flawless and gorgeous!
    I thought you might be interested to know that Mario D actually has his own online blog which I'm obsessed with, and he gives insight into how he completes his looks and also what products he uses. You'll LOVE it!
    – Jess


  6. I think Barnes & Noble publishes some of the books it sells, inexpensively reprinting non-copyrighted titles or acquiring the U.S. or English language rights from another publisher. In addition, Barnes & Noble commissions reprint anthologies and omnibus editions using in-house editors.


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