June/July Favorite Beauty Purchases!

Since July is coming to a close end, I thought I’d go ahead and do a favorite beauty purchases post for the month. I also tossed in some products I discovered in June that I’m still favoring now.

1) MAC 131 Duo Fibre Blush Brush – I purchased this at a CCO for around $25. Reg. $40 at MAC. I completely stopped using my 187 and I’ve only been using this brush for my liquid foundation. I highly prefer it over my 187. The shape and size is perfect to get around smaller areas that the 187 couldn’t. If I end up going back to the CCO and they still have it, i’d probably get a back up.

2) Walmart Powder Brush (High Definition) – This costs around $7 and you can only get it at Walmart. The synthetic bristles are soo soft & it’s just an overall great quality brush. I use it for my setting powder and my bronzer.

3) Walmart Angled Blush Brush (High Definition) – I love this brush for applying my blush. It’s denser than the powder brush and it’s made of the same, soft synthetic fibers.

4) MAC Pleasureful Blushcreme – This isn’t something new of mine.. I got it at the CCO months ago & never really wore it. Lately, I started to really love it for a dewy pop of pink on my cheeks. I also love using it on my lips. It reminds me a lot of NARS Honolulu Honey lipstick.. one of my old HG’s I haven’t purchased in a while.

5) The Body Shop Body Butter – I haven’t tried anything from The Body Shop.. but when I spotted this at TJMaxx for $6 after hearing juicystar07 on youtube say their body butters are awesome, I thought i’d give it a try. Run on sentence, much? The scent I got mine in is “Black Velvet Apricot”. I’m not sure if it’s a discontinued scent, but I love the smell. Its a very feminine, sweet apricot. Oh, and it feels amazing on the skin.. 😉

6) MAC Cork Eye Shadow – I’ve been into browns a lot lately. I own lots of dark browns, but I don’t really have any light browns that are similar to cork. I’ve been using it on my brows almost every day.. and I love smudging it into my lash line for a natural look.

7) MAC Sorcery Eye Shadow – I love shades like this. It does wonders for my hazel eyes. It’s a raisin color (a mixture of burgundy/brown/purple piled into one color) similar to MAC Folie. I love smudging this under my lower lash line. It looks great paired with browns and other neutrals.

8) NARS Galapagos Eye Shadow – A chocolate color with gold shimmer. I love NARS eye shadows. I only have one other.. and they are so amazing. Amazing pigmentation and blends like a dream.

9) Alima Pure Mineral Foundation – Absolutely love this. Great coverage.. will be purchasing a full size to use as a setting powder for under my eyes & face. I’ll be getting a lighter shade (Warm 3, equivalent to MAC NC30.)

10) Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly™ Shimmering Hair & Body Spray – I have become addicted to being shimmery this summer. I purchased this on my b-day (June 2nd) and have used it just about every day on my body. It gives a perfect subtle golden shimmer. I JUST ran out, so I’ll be getting another one next time I visit Victoria’s Secret. It’s $10 at the checkout.

11) Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Foundation (Inspired by Carmindy) – Amazing medium + coverage drugstore foundation. I’ll be posting a review soon!

12) Orly Mirror Mirror Nail Polish – It’s rare for me to find a nail polish I like so much that when it’s time to take the polish off my nails, I use the same color.. over and over. I’ve been doing that with this color. I wear lots of grays.. so it pretty much matches what I’m wearing all of the time. It’s a bluish, dove gray.. different from many other gray nail polishes. Lasting power is also good, it gets me through a week.

13) Covergirl Bronze Fire ShadowBlast – Perfect for every day. Check out my full review here.

14) LA Splash Sparkling Coral Lip Gloss – I purchased this at ULTA on a whim, and I’m so happy I ended up loving it. It’s my every day lip gloss. It’s a light, warm pink with golden shimmer that makes it appear slightly coral. I love the sponge applicator too. It’s longer & flatter than a traditional sponge applicator and slightly slanted.

Here’s a swatch on my hand.

And on my bare lips.

15) NYX “Pumpkin Pie” Round Lip Stick – I mentioned this lipstick in June. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since I purchased it. If I’m not wearing Pumpkin Pie, I’m wearing MAC Shygirl.. 🙂 You can view swatches from my past post here.

What are some of your favorites this month??

11 thoughts on “June/July Favorite Beauty Purchases!

  1. I ordered NYX Pumpkin Pie after your post about it and I have worn it pretty much every day! Its so versatile! With different glosses the color changes, I love it! And I have really been into Orly nail polishes, they seem to be pretty good quality and beautiful colors!


  2. I love nars galapagos! I wear it alone just blended out and it gives that perfect sultry look when I'm in a rush and need some color on my eyes. Have you tried mac sketch? That's another great plummy eyeshadow that would probably look great in your crease for your hazel eyes!


  3. I picked up NARS Mekong (a super pretty dark brown shade with gold flecks), and was really disappointed. It was a gorgeous color in the pan, but once applied to my lid, it turned into a matte black color. 😦 Galapagos looks exactly like what I wanted Mekong to be! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I don't have any of the above =(


    1) Revlon Ultimate Liquid Lipstick (#1 nude, and a pink one)
    2) Milani 3D Glitzy Gloss
    3) L'oreal True Match (Caramel Beige and Natural Beige mixed)
    4) Maybelline Dream Matte powder
    5) Revlon's Life's a Peach ('cuz of you)
    6) Sally Hansen Natural Beauty lipstick in Rosy Brown
    7) Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara
    8) Shu Eyeslash Curler
    9) MAC Freckletone, Shy Girl, and High Tea =P


  5. I think lip gloss is a product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre and sometimes subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid (not to be confused with lip balm, which generally has medicinal or soothing purposes)


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