A Day at Brookfield Zoo with George! (Pic Heavy)

George and I decided to go to the Zoo Sunday.. It was his first time (and my second) going to Brookfield. We had a really fun time and couldn’t wait to go again in the future! I took TONS of pictures.. but mainly of the animals. I won’t bore you with too many photos of animals.. but I thought I’d share a few.

Here’s me and George by the pond. I was not this tan at all! It was extremely sunny and for some reason I came out orange in this picture. 😦 It would of been cute if It wasn’t for the weird lighting.

I told him to pose. LOL
George really liked watching the wild dogs.. I think I got a pretty cool shot of this little guy..
The giraffes were so adorable..
We spent a while watching the monkeys.. they were very entertaining.
I couldn’t stop laughing at the sloth. I couldn’t believe how slow they actually move! This little guy was totally in slow motion.

Another one of me with terrible lighting..

And the petting zoo!

George was teasing these little coons with goat food.. Poor things. I told him to stop.. 
George was teasing the ducks too.. you can tell the one in the left pic was pissed! LOL
This picture makes me laugh.. I walked over to find George talking to this goat and he had his front legs perked up on the fence to get closer to him. 
 George feeding the goats..
 Me feeding the goats..
Lol, he took a real liking to this little goat..

Well, that’s pretty much it! What’d you do this past weekend!? Anything fun???

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