NOTD: China Glaze For Audrey!

One (1) coat of China Glaze For Audrey (No top coat)
For Audrey is the popular Sea Green/Turquoise/Tiffany’s Box Blue polish that everyone has raved about. I personally really love this polish and I think it’s a great color to wear on your toes when you’re sporting a tan! It is true, the color is an exact replica of the Tiffany’s Box Blue. 
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As for the polish itself, the formula is quite thick – thicker than most polishes I own. It is opaque, but if you don’t have a steady hand.. it may apply streaky. I attempted to apply this in a moving vehicle (I wasn’t the one driving of course, LOL) and it was a streaky mess. I later applied it at my kitchen table and it applied much better. Two coats with this is necessary for the best outcome.

One thought on “NOTD: China Glaze For Audrey!

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