Upcoming post requests? Questions?

Hey Everyone!
I haven’t been blogging lately.. due to some personal things in my life right now. Being “too busy” is definitely not the case. I always try to find time to blog.. but it’s been a little difficult. Since my last post has been over a month ago.. I’ve gotten some questions that I haven’t gotten a chance to answer. So, anything you would like to know.. get advice on or request, just comment! I’ll try as best as I can to find extra time to get on the computer and post. It gets difficult sometimes because I don’t own my own computer. So anyway, ask me anything and I’ll be periodically check back to answer any questions! If you have questions you don’t feel comfortable posting, you can send me an e-mail at nattyblogspot@ymail.com.


18 thoughts on “Upcoming post requests? Questions?

  1. Don't let those comments get to you. I missed your posts but I understand that life gets a little crazy. I only posted once last month! I hope things get better for you though 🙂


  2. I have a question for you:)
    I'm always curious as to why people decided to start a blog, so why did you start?
    I love hearing why different people decided to start whether influenced by a friend or another blog, or just cos they love make-up etc, i love to know:)


  3. If you'd like to do a review on my website – ValentineKisses.com – I'd be happy to send you some free goodies! I adore your blog and would love to have you represent my business!

    email: kisses (at) valentinekisses.com


  4. Shannon, I've been a long time makeup lover and I would always google “the best liquid foundation” “the perfect nude lipstick” “celebrity makeup”.. etc. When I searched nude lipstick in google images I came across a picture of a bunch of nude lipsticks from Bubblegarm's blog. It was actually this post.. http://bubblegarm.blogspot.com/2009/05/top-10-nude-lip-products.html. I started looking at all of her blog posts and added her blog to my favorites. Soon after I realized there are a million other blogs just like hers by tons of makeup lovers. Many of which I found were SO helpful. So I figured… Wow, I buy so many products on a regular basis and own so many products that I can probably make a blog myself and post swatches and reviews to help someone else out. So that's what I did! lol. I didn't think I'd ever get so many followers… haha!


  5. Valentinekisses, I will send you an email. 🙂

    Sonia- Hi! I don't have one currently.. I've always had it in mind to do though. I've done a test run to see how I sound on camera though and I really don't like my voice.. LOL I know it sounds so dumb.. but we'll see. 🙂


  6. You are soooo pretty 🙂 And I found you by googling Estee Lauder Doublewear and glad I did!! Just a quickie though, what's the best alternative for the DW that gives the same coverage? It can look a bit chalky on me sometimes. And I use Tawny when I have fake tan on so what colour do you use when you don't have fake tan on? Also, which is the best bronzer that doesn't look orange?
    Thank you x


  7. thank you nichola! Foundations I use that are similar in coverage are NARS Sheer Glow, MAC Studio Fix Fluid and MAC Studio Sculpt. My favorite of the three is NARS Sheer Glow. For me, it provides excellent coverage without looking cakey. I have the same problem with Double Wear.. it does tend to look chalky because the color is a little more on the neutral side than the warm side.. And neutrals tend to look slightly gray on me. (Colors that are very beige) When my fake tan is deeper, I don't usually use Double Wear because of their lack of colors. I have tried Shell Beige which is one shade darker and it seemed to work alright for me.. but it wasn't as yellow toned as I would of liked. I love MAC bronzers! I use golden and refined golden all of the time and they give great a great golden brown color.


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