Nars Sheer Glow update! (My winter shade)

I had a gift card to Sephora so I decided to pick up my favorite foundation. I haven’t had a bottle in months because $42 for me is a lot to shovel out for a daily use foundation. Now that I’m not using as much self tanner as I was, I’ve been using a lot of foundations that are in the NC30-NC35 range rather than NC40. Previously I was using the shade Barcelona in Sheer Glow.. which was the absolute perfect NC40 match. It matched my skintone even better than MAC NC40 did. But this time, I picked one shade lighter.. and that is Stromboli. This shade is the dead on perfect match for me right now. I can’t believe how perfect the color match NARS Sheer Glow offers for my skin tone.

I did a few comparisons for you guys.. Since I’m on vacation, I didn’t have all of my foundations with me. Just MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Make Up Forever HD. I’m sure Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade Tawny may come close to these as well.

MAC and MUFE look almost exactly the same. Nars is the slightest more yellow.. and looks the best on me of the three. (I actually think I did a typo.. it may be mufe #125.. the label has rubbed off!)

This picture is taken indoors with flash.
I took a picture yesterday morning after I applied my Nars.. matches my neck perfectly. 🙂

Cheryl just reviewed Sheer Glow in this shade.. check out her review here!

25 thoughts on “Nars Sheer Glow update! (My winter shade)

  1. hi natty — a big reason why the color matches SO perfectly is because it's got color-corrective properties in it — that's why SO many girls found barcelona to be a perfect match (im nc40 too but like a “darker” nc40, and it still matched me perfectly). as soon as it touches your skin, it alters over the next ten minutes! 🙂


  2. I have never tried the Nars foundation (like you, $40+ a bottle gives me heart pain). I might try it after my current one runs out, just for the sake of giving it a go.

    Xo Michelle


  3. Im currently using NARS Stromboli too. It has more yellow than my SFF NC37. & When I do tan. I am also NC40/Barcelona. I really like NARS Sheer Glow foundation. It doesn't feel heavy like SFF does on me. What do you set your foundation with when you use this?


  4. Natty, can I get your opinion of the MUFE HD? I got a sample of it over the summer at Sephora and HATED it. It was just not the coverage I expected. If I'm going to spend money on a designer foundation I want FULL coverage and a flawless finish. Do you usually use a lot of concealer when you use the MUFE?

    Thanks 🙂


  5. i am envious of your dark skin! i am nc20 at my lightest and i hardly ever even get to nc30! however i dont use false tan but I am considering using it on a regular basis because im sick of being pale lol. im interested to try this foundation now x


  6. You are on a posting spree… so am I! lol Thanks for the mention! I read my name and I was like THAT'S ME 😀 (<--haha I'm a loser I know). I like how you are a bit lighter in tan so now I can come over and steal all your foundation! j/k Stromboli is my TAN skin so I need to pick up Punjab for my natural colour since I've been so lazy keeping my tan up. I don't know how you do it! I'm considering picking up MUFE 127 as well. All the shades are very close in colour. ♥


  7. We have the same shade. I have tried all three of those foundation and I love my Nars the most too. What's the best powder do you think to se the nars? I got a sample of MUFE and I did really like it too, might buy it. 🙂


  8. I loved the NARS Sheerglow but I've gotten a little tanner now so my shade (Barcelona) is too light. 😦 I'm currently using MAC Studio Fix (which I'm really liking!) or Estee Lauder Doublewear. But you look gorgeous and your skin always looks flawless.


  9. I tried all those foundations and I did not like Sheer Glow. I'm using MUFE Face And Body matches me perfect might need to get HD again loved that foundation


  10. Hey doll! You look gorgeoussss, as always! I have been thinking more and more about getting that NARS foundation! Im curious what self-tanner you use (if any)?! Or how do you keep your fab tan?! ♥ best wishes*


  11. NARS makes the best of everything! It's SO expensive, though. I bought one of their glosses, but ended up returning it. I can't justify a $26.00 (I think?) lip gloss. $18.00 is my limit, and I don't even like to pay that! LOL!

    Your skin looks amazing! The other night, I made my little sister do an aspirin mask. I showed her your mask post and she was convinced! You always look flawless!



  12. Thanks for all the great foundation reviews! I would love to try Sheer Glow but it's a bit pricey for an everyday foundation. I'm looking for drugstore dupes and I know Neutrogena Sheer Glow is supposed to be pretty similar. I've also heard great things about Boots Lifting and Firming. Your Photoready post has me undecided though on which one to try next!


  13. thats offensive to say shes dark skinned, just because youre lighter than someone doesnt mean therye dark skin! Someone who is a NC15 can call you dark skin, or somone who uses alabaster makeup can call you dark skin. She is not dark with any stretch of the imagination.


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