LASplash Girl Crush Lip Gloss Review, Photos and Swatches!

While I was out last night, I stopped at ULTA to use up a coupon and pick up my favorite lip gloss; LASplash Sparkling Coral. To my horror, there was no Sparkling Coral!! No empty slot from running out, nothing. I quickly went to the Clearance rack to see if the color had been discontinued and got marked down. I found nothing. I started to panic a little bit and google LASplash Sparkling Coral with no results.. just my blog. LOL WOULD THEY DISCONTINUE SUCH AN AWESOME SHADE!??? First my Revlon’s Life’s a Peach and now this.

Anyway, I went back to LASplash to see if I can find another shade half as decent. So, I picked up “Girl Crush”. It’s a sheer coral/salmon lip gloss with golden pink glitter. I know you’re probably thinking.. seriously Natty.. can’t you think outside of the box? And the answer is.. No I can’t!!! I love my peaches and corals 🙂

By glance, it reminded me a lot of MAC Smile Dazzleglass. Smile is also a bright with pink glitter. The consistency of the Dazzleglass is a lot thicker, so the color looks more opaque. The pink glitter is exactly the same.

Since the color is sheer, I like using a natural colored lip liner and I like to tone down the pigment in my lips a little bit so they won’t look red. When doing my foundation, I run the foundation brush across my lips with whatever residue is left. Then, apply a thin coat of lip balm to prevent drying.

I used Sephora Nano Lip Liner Pencil in the shade #2. (Seen in my previous haul post)

 I really like LASplash’s lip gloss. They aren’t watery, gooey or sticky. Great consistency.. slightly gritty from the glitter.. but that’s expected. And the length of wear is pretty average.

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