Make Up Forever #10 HD Creme Blush Review!

Make Up For Ever #10 HD Blush

Make Up For Ever #10 HD Blush

Make Up Forever HD Creme Blush ($25) is a lightweight, cream blush that is uniquely dispensed in a small, plastic pump tube.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush is available in (14) shades: #1 Innuendo, #2 Caught in the Act, #3 Truth or Dare, #4 Walk of Shame, #5 Nip Slip, #6 Quickie, #7 One too Many, #8 PDA, #9 In the Spotlight, #10 Skinny Dipping, #11 Mistaken Identity, #12 First Kiss, #13 Smooth Talker and #14 Star Struck.

#10 Skinny Dipping is described on the website as a light, orange brown. It also has a hint of rosy-red in there. I’d describe it as a warm, spicy terracotta. A very flattering color for medium/tan skin tones.

Make Up For Ever #10 HD Blush

My favorite application method is using a small, duo-fiber (skunk) brush, such as the MAC #131. The product itself is very pigmented, so only a tiny dab is needed. I like dispensing a small amount directly on a clean surface and with the very tip of the brush, dip it in the product and lightly pat the brush until the product is evenly on the brush (rather than just a small blob). I then stipple it on my cheeks and blend in small circular motions.

The product blends well on the cheeks and doesn’t leave my skin sticky or greasy. It also seems to last longer on my skin than my MAC cream blushes.

I think the packaging is pretty cool for these blushes. The problem with cream blushes is that they aren’t very sanitary (bacteria needs moisture to grow), sometimes you might use your fingers, sometimes you might use a brush, and almost always the surface of your cream brushes somehow has attracted lint, fibers, dust, etc. Also, many times the surface will dry out. The packaging for the MUFE HD Blushes eliminates all of that and keeps the product inside clean and fresh.

The pump is easy to control, but I sometimes find myself pumping too much product out. And since there is no way to open the container, there is no way to put back unused product. Putting a small pump in a travel container might be a good idea to avoid any waste.

Comparisons from left to right: MAC Margin Blush, MAC Sunbasque Blush, MAC Gingerly Blush, MAC Coppertone Blush, MAC Eversun Beauty Powder, MAC So Ceylon MSF, Nars Lovejoy, MUFE HD #10 Blush and MAC Pleasureful Blushcreme.

I’m definitely going to purchase additional shades in the future.

The price is $25 for a .33 fl oz tube (compared to MAC creme blushes are $18.50 for a .21 oz pot).

Have you tried any MUFE HD blushes? What were your thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Make Up Forever #10 HD Creme Blush Review!

  1. it's a pretty color, but i'm afraid to purchase a creme blush. i've only used pressed powder blushes and i'm afraid i would make a mess on my face with creme! haha.. maybe one day though.


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